2013 Trip of the Month April – Oslo

**This draft has sat in my draft folder since the week after I returned from Oslo because the trip didn’t quiet go as planned and I was having technical difficulties loading the pictures. Then I returned stateside and basically ignored my blog for months.**

Oslo Opera House from Fjord

Oslo Opera House from Fjord

After a whirlwind Easter trip, with stops in 3 different places (Bedford, England, Budapest, Hungary, and Vienna, Austria) I was both excited and not about where to head to next. There are so many places I want to visit that picking one that I could do over a short time AND on a budget was driving me nuts. Also, I was discussing with one of my roommates about travelling together and her budget was even smaller than mine so that constrained me even a bit more. Previously, I had found a ticket to Lisbon for 69€ that I didn’t book while waiting on her to confirm whether she was going or not and lost the deal. But the travel gods were with me and on my frequent perusal of Skyscanner.net I found a another deal, a round trip ticket to Oslo from Barcelona for 40€!!! I decided whether she was going or not I was booking but she said yes and I booked the flights on Ryan Air with the quickness. Now, Oslo is one of the more expensive cities in Europe so we decided to give couch surfing a try. I’m leery of the idea. I’m a small brown girl in a big bad world. I’m adventurous but I cautious about which chances I will take with my safety. Staying in a random stranger’s home is one of those things that I’m iffy about. I know many travelers do so without a second thought but they are not a small brown girl like I am.

As my roommate was going to be on the trip I thought two is better than one and decided to give it a try. Perhaps, one day I’ll write about the shenanigans that went on with the couch surfing situation (or not). Lets just say there was an indecent proposition which was rebuffed which led to me being asked to leave the apartment (ostentatiously for other reasons). Yes, I said me. Where was my companion you ask? That is also another story. The short of that is she told me she wasn’t coming at 4am when I woke up to get ready to go to the airport. This clouded my trip considerably, as now I was heading to the couch surfing situation by myself and didn’t have time to pull back up the affordable accommodations. So you see, my Oslo trip did not start out well and was a bit troublesome in the middle.

However, Oslo was not at fault for any of this. It is a gorgeous, albeit expensive, city with lots of see. I hope to return to take the train trip to Bergen to really see the magnificent fjords which I ended up not doing due to the upheavals in my trip and budgetary constraints. Anyway, enough with my blithering on and one, I know you want the pictures so here ya go! Enjoy

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