31 Day Reset – Day 1: Start Here

As I am wont to do, I was lying in bed scrolling through my Twitter Timeline when one of my friends ( shout out to Tia @icetia2002) posted about signing up for the #31DayReset. I clicked the tag and it led me to RosettaThurman and 31 Days to Reset Your Life. I thought it fit into my life’s journey and would be helpful in  my introspection and would give me some concrete things to work on. As soon as I signed up I decided I would blog about it, but then I started thinking about having to blog every day (!!!) and was on the verge abandoning the whole endeavor.

Oh sh!t!

But if I am to move forward I have to take a step. So I decided I would not only do the #31DayReset your life challenge, I would blog about it and hope for the best. So here I am beginning this journey and already I am behind schedule. It’s already the second day in July and I haven’t done the first exercise or at least recorded it. But I have a good reason I was hanging out with friends the whole day and I thought that was time well spent renewing and cementing those relationships.

Exercises for Day 1 are simple:

1. Choose a reset notebook
I already had a dark blue notebook of some substance but I think I will follow Rosetta’s lead and acquire a smaller Moleskin notebook in my favorite color to slip into my purse or pocket. What is the point of having a book that can’t travel with you to capture your thoughts, observations and discoveries while on the go?

2. Choose a personal mantra.
I love quotes and I am always collecting them and scribbling all over or making electronic lists of my favorites. I couldn’t decide between the following two so I am keeping them both as I think they go well together. 
“Execute every act of your life as though it were your last.” ~ Marcus Aurelius
“We are repeated what we do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit.” ~ Aristotle 

3. Choose a theme song.
When I saw this one, had a Pluto reaction.


I like many different genre’s of music and I was initially stymied by the task of narrowing down a song. Then I stopped, myself and said pick a song right now and go with it and immediately Titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia popped in my head. It’s upbeat, catchy (the motivation part) and has lyrics that talk about being bullet proof (inspirational). Whew I am done with Day 1. It wasn’t too bad.

Have you ever done a reset like this one? What was your song and/or quote?

Lady LittleFoot

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