31 Day Reset – Day 11: Write a Letter to Your Brain

I am trudging along in this 31 Day Reset your life challenge. I’ve made it to Day 11 with much groaning and belly aching, but what good is a challenge if you don’t have some complaining along the way? Those of you who face your challenges silently can bite my little toe, but then again, nah uh don’t do that. In your quest to maintain silence you may bite it off. I’d like to keep all my toes, even the little one with a mind of it’s own, thank you very much. But I digress from the task at hand. Yes, I am very good at diverting from the course especially one I am not enthused about. Or rather a task my Lizard Brain is not enthused about. What is this lizard brain you ask?

Well of course its not an actual lizard. The lizard brain is simply resistance. It’s the part of us, of our brains that causes us to do something other than what we declare we are going to do. Like this morning when I said I was going to get up and go for a fast walk / slow jog but instead I hit snooze and then just turned off the alarm, pulled the covers over my head and went back to sleep. Yes that is Lizzy in action. What? You don’t name recalcitrant parts of your anatomy? Pfft, sure you don’t. Back to the matter at hand. Lizzy is the epicenter of fear, it’s “what stops you in your tracks and keeps you from moving forward.” The exercise today was to write your lizard brain a letter. There was a lovely template that I used but something about ti was just not ringing true. So I decided to redo as I was typing this up.

Dearest Lizzy, 

Yes, you. The one lying in the corner pretending to be asleep. I know you are awake. How? Because every time I want to do something for my own happiness and growth you manage to pop up and insinuate yourself in the mix and act like the ballast on a sailing vessel. You either slow me down or leave me dead in the water and I am not standing for it anymore. 

For instance, I started this challenge in order to move forward in my life and just as soon as I did you showed up with your procrastination costume on. Oh, the cloak was different but I knew it was you influencing me to sabotage myself by putting off my assignments for more “fun things” and finding other things to do that were “more important” than my exercises. I have your number. 

Another example was me applying for graduate school and the whole time you were in the corner pushing your negativity, asking if I was smart enough for graduate school. And what about that low GPA in undergrad, that isn’t just gonna cut it for a higher degree and on and on and so forth. STOP. You are done with all of that. 

I was put here on earth for a purpose and you are keeping me from fulfilling that potential. 

Well, until now that is. I will no longer allow you to stop my progress in living my ideal life. So the next time I see you, I will simply give you a nod and go about my business. It’s been nice knowing you, Lizzy, but now it’s time that we part ways. See that opening, make your way out and don’t let the door hit ya, where the good Lord,  …. well you don’t have the right split. 

Go on, get. 

Lady Littlefoot

2 thoughts on “31 Day Reset – Day 11: Write a Letter to Your Brain

  1. Thanks a.aye. I think I may need to put that on a little post card to carry around with me a a reminder that Lizzy is definitely NOT welcomed on my life.


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