31 Day Reset – Day 12: Craft a Life Narrative

The first thing I thought when I saw Day 12’s title of  “Craft a Narrative” was, oh, this is going to be easy. I already wrote the Personal Mission Statement (PMS) and created the Life Map. This task should be a snap. I just need to review those two items and it will be easy peasy. Boy, was I wrong. Even after kicking Lizzy, my primitive resistant brain to the curb, I still had trouble putting pen to paper and crafting my narrative. I theorized in my reflective portion that perhaps this entry was more difficult to get done because I am more able to see the big picture but often miss the little details. I am sure I will come back to this narrative as I feel it rumbled all over the place, jumping between different areas of life and not maintaining any coherency.

This exercise did not excite me in the least. It did help to clarify my life map a bit but it was like squeezing blood from a stone. I think it’s time for the first session with my brand spanking new accountability partner. My narrative follows. I have left it as I wrote it so you can have an idea of how haphazardly I wrote it.

Lady Littlefoot’s Life Narrative 

I am living in a city that is like San Diego and Barcelona combined. Close to water, with lots of outdoor activities and spaces as well as historical sites close by for access to a variety of activities. I’ll wake up every morning and exercise, doing a combination of cardio and strength training. I eat a healthy and satisfying breakfast then head off to work which is less than an hour away from my home. My career involves helping others and being of service while intellectually stimulating me [Specifics to Come]. I am required to travel several times a year for work and I use these travel opportunities to explore other cities. 

I have get togethers with my girlfriends twice a month for ladies night or some activity to catch up. I am a creative person so will take a dance class once a week to maintain those juices. I plan for and travel internationally four times a year and go on  monthly adventures even if it’s only a day hike. I am insatiably curious with a hunger from knowledge about the world and the way it works. I will attend lectures and seminars to maintain professional connections as well as to stay current in my field. In addition I will read one book a week (or at least bi-weekly) in related fields. 

I love fruits and vegetables so I will make sure my neighborhood is one with access to great produce. I will shop weekly to replenish our stores. I will host monthly dinner parties/salons perhaps to discuss a book local happenings or just to catch up with local friends and connections. 

Marriage and children are very important to me. I have a handsome, adventurous, intelligent, loving husband who get my craziness and doesn’t try to change me; nor does he look down on me for said craziness. I support him in his endeavors and does likewise for me and he is the head of our home. He respects my opinions and includes me in all decisions regarding our home and family. We have two children and on their arrival I will take time off to care for them, returning to work when they are school aged. My work is well paid which allows me and my husband funds and time to travel devote to charity work.We are part of a local church and are active members, each belonging to a ministry. 

This is where my narrative stands. It’s definitely a work in progress but I’ve gotten a rough draft committed to paper. Do not despise small beginnings!

Lady Littlefoot

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