31 Day Reset – Day 14: Redesign Your Day

Oh goody something easy. That’s not exactly what I said when I saw Day 14’s Redesign Your Day exercise. I was immediately petrified. Ok, so I wasn’t petrified I was just a wee bit nervous that this exercise would take me the better part of 3 days to complete. However, once I read the description I was settled and could get to work rather than dither. Also the example was extremely helpful in getting me started. This exercise calls for you to outline a strategy to redesign your day to make more time for the things that truly matter to you. .

Here goes:

Daily Planner

Littlefoot’s Redesign

  • Wake up early (I get more done that way). 
  • Schedule 60 minutes for exercise (done early to make sure it’s done). 
  • Eat a healthy breakfast (fuel for the day). 
  • Spend transport time either reading or listening to audio book to accomplish goal of book a week (use the library!). 
  • Eat packed healthy lunch then walk outside for 15 minutes to clear mind. Read devotional or connect w/ a loved one briefly. 
  • Cut out activities that “kill time” i.e. mindlessly checking text message and social media apps.
  • Limit time spent on the internet, set timer for 60 minutes for social media including blogs. (Have separate allowance for scheduled chats). 
  • Pack healthy lunch and snacks for next day. 
  • Review devotional and pray. 
  • Go to bed early enough to allow for 7 hours of sleep.

Have you ever redesigned how your ideal day would look? What discoveries did you make about what you’d like that day to look like?

Lady Littlefoot

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