31 Day Reset – Day 16: Rest, Reflect & Comment

I’ve come to the end of another week in the Happy Black Woman‘s 31 Day Reset your life challenge. This is a chance for procrastinators to catch up on the exercises they have been putting off. It’s also a chance to reflect on the exercises you have completed and to connect with others on the same journey and offer encouragement or just to see you are not the only one struggling. Of course there are questions to reflect upon, so here goes.

Small falls near Bartica, Guyana

Small falls near Bartica, Guyana


What is the most important thing you learned about yourself this week?
The most important thing I learned about myself this week is that, I have a hard time visualizing my future. The greatest cause of this is fear. Fear that I am not up to the tasks that I set myself. Fear that I am not capable of undertaking the journey I envision to get to happy, fulfilled me. Additionally, I feel as if that life is too good to be for me and almost as if I don’t deserve all of that. So the easiest thing is not to envision and commit that vision to paper because then I won’t be in a position to disappointed if it doesn’t come to pass.*As I am typing this a quote floats into my brain “for the lack of vision my people perish.” Yes, it’s Biblical so now I’m on a scripture hunt.  

What has been your favorite exercise so far? What did you like about it? 
All of the exercises this week has been helpful to me, even that prolonged to be rewritten life narrative. I did enjoy writing to my lizard brain ( hey Lizzy, Lizzy ), but then again who wouldn’t enjoy kicking the low performing aspect of themselves to the curb? The Redesign Your Day assignment was good for me, because well it was easy (thank you Rosetta for the example) and most of it was already in my head ready for commitment to paper. No extra ruminating required. I like easy. :-) 

Which exercise did you struggle with the most?
Ah, let me see … the Life Narrative. The whole visualizing was harder than I expected it to be. I’m a big picture person and loath detail work. I conceptualize well but want someone else to come up with the little steps to make the big picture come together. I know this does not always work so I have to work on filling in the connecting steps in the picture board of life. I am now caught up to the actual day we are on in the month, so I am excited about that. Hopefully, I won’t procrastinate and put off exercises because of their difficulty any more for the rest of the month.

If you’ve been following along and doing the reset what discoveries have you made as you reflected and shared your experience?
Lady Littlefoot

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