31 Day Reset – Day 17: 100 Things That Make You Happy.

I embarked on Day 17 of the reset with excitement and vigor. I was all caught up and on the corresponding day of the month. I lay in bed and started the list and got up to #27 and came to an abrupt halt! So abrupt and disconcerting was this stop I had to head over to Twitter and leave a message [ @LittleFootLady Who knew writing down a 100 things that make me happy would be so difficult.“> # #31dayreset ].
The good news is (for me not the other person), I am not the only one having these difficulties. JW2 also tweeted about his difficulty and later posted on his blog, From Jay to Z where he made it up to 75 before pausing. I was eager to continue on so I read his blog and was inspired to keep going and then I slowed down again at #67 (what’s with the 7s?) then I recalled that Rosetta had her list of 100 things too, so I took a look at that and was off again. I am not finished with the list but I decided to move forward with the reset and just keep adding to the list as things occurred to me. I decided that Lizzy was not going to take up residence again after I’d giving her the boot, Marine Corps style. My list started off very generic but got more detailed as I went on, and in some instances one word was not enough to describe the things that make me smile and bring happiness and joy to my life.

100 Things That Make Me Happy 

  1. 1.singing, 2.dancing, 3.cooking, 4.reading, 5.quiet time, 6.hiking, 7.being fit, 8.playing in warm summer rain, 9.running in the woods (me the music & nature), 10.a well made meal to savor with loved ones/friends, 11.spending quality time with dear friends, 12.hosting small dinner parties, 13.long slow kisses, 14.sunrises, 15.sunsets, 16.the sky after a rain storm, 17.cuddling under the covers during a thunder-storm, 18.harassing my brother (well just bothering him really), 19.playing with my nephew and God children, 20.baking & decorating sugar cookies with the aforementioned, 21.pretty painted toes, 22.a soft summer night and a good glass of wine, 23.sitting on the beach in San Diego watching the sun on the water, 24.hiking Torrey Pines in SD watching the waves crash on the shore, 25.the smell of rain on dry ground, 26.the sound of wind in the trees, 27.the sound of the waves on the sand, 28.talking to God and hearing his answers, 29.guy Wednesdays on HGTV, 30.guys that fix stuff (hence guy Wednesdays), 31.Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, We’ll break while you listen, go ahead you know you want to
    32.singing karaoke, 33.singing Bohemian Rhapsody at karaoke with friends, 34.BONES (tv show), 35.Covert Affairs (tv show), 36.White Collar (tv show), 37.Arnold Palmers (iced tea & lemonade), 38.ginger lemonade (made my Mom of course), 39.caprese salad, 40.fudge brownies with nuts, 41.Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk (what can I say I like things fudgy and nutty), 42.affogato (gelato with espresso poured over the top), 43.gelato, 44.Capt Jean Luc “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot” Picard(Star Trek: TNG), 45.special someone playing in my hair, 46.hours long flirtation followed by long slow kisses, 47.a cold rainy day under the covers with hot cocoa, 48.tea, especially hot, 49.mangoes, 50.dirty martini w/ extra olives & little ice crystals after a long day, 51.Malacca (red cashews), 52.South American cherries, 53.a great smile like The Rocks’ (Dwayne Johnson), 54.my Yummy Goodness Pinterest board (you really should go check it out), 55.cuddling, 56.movies w/ explosions, gun fights & hot guys ala Fast Five, 57.The Hobbit, LOTR & all things Middle Earth in general, 58.coconut water with the jelly (pulp), 59.cooking with my Mom (& learning her secrets – she’s sneaky so not an easy thing to do), 60.getting caught in warm summer rain (dang I think I repeated this one), 61.holding hands, 62.walking barefoot in soft grass, 63.a satisfying ending to a good book, 64.hugs from munchkins (kids), 65.hugs from a well-formed man (hey, we all have our preferences I happen to like a little muscle), 66.walking arm in arm with a good girlfriend, 67.travel, 68. adventure, 69.cooking a dish perfectly, 70.dancing ’til I sweat through my clothes & my hair comes down, 71.my curls falling perfectly w/ no frizz, 72.twinkley eyes and engaging smile (see The Rock for reference), 73.sandalwood, neroli and scents like these, 74.Barcelona (I live there now!), 75.San Diego (I used to live there), 76.Paris (I want to experience it at Christmas), 77.soft scrambled eggs, 78.whole wheat spice pancakes, 79.crepes (preferably with Chantilly creme & chocolate sauce eaten under the Eiffel Tower), 80.Sade, 81.Adele, 82.Emelie Sande, 83.female singers w/ raw power & emotion in their voice, 84.Google and all its power :-D, 85.Gambos ala plancha on the beach in Barcelona (see above pictures), 86.sitting at a cafe watching the world go by, 87.writing letters (paper & ink, put a stamp on it letters), 88.esqueixada de bacallà (the version made at Cerveceria Catalana )

    This list will be updated until I get to 100. I do realize I need more things on this list that does not involve food, but I love good food & cooking so food it is.

    Have you ever made a list of the things that make you happy? It is a short list or a long list? What’s on that list? From the simple to the sublime, sharing is caring so do tell us what puts a smile on your face and a giggle in your heart.

    Lady Littlefoot

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