31 Day Reset – Day 19: Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Need

This exercise, to get rid of stuff you don’t need,  couldn’t have come at a better time. When I left the military I had them move all of my house hold goods (HHG) from San Diego (SD) to South Florida. The original intent was to move to Miami and start my civilian life there but then I decided to pursue a life long dream of studying abroad. So since last December the majority of the contents of my apartment has been in government storage and now its time for me to pay for it. The rates the company are charging is ridiculous so I am going to move it all to a different storage location temporarily. I will be selling most of the furniture and this assignment will help me to purge myself of all the things I hold onto for sentimental reasons or just because I may find a use for it later. Tomorrow, I will be looking at storage units and arranging the transfer of my goods. I also have a chiropractic evaluation scheduled during the day and another fitness class in the evening and sometime during the afternoon I promised my aunt that I will take her driving so she can practice. Whew! To bed I go.

Hugging a tree on hiking trail in SD 2011

Today, I completed my task of arranging for movement of my HHG from government storage into my own. This entailed visiting two separate storage facilities to get a feel for the location and multiple phone calls to pin down the details (sizes, costs, climate control, etc). With my other errands and fitness class (boxing) I did not begin the sorting of clothes as planned. But, I know I don’t have much to get rid of as I did that prior to leaving SD but I want to evaluate some items, clothing and accessories and possibly shoes and plan on starting that this weekend. I will also get started on all the paper I have accumulated since moving and either file them properly or mark for shredding. When I am able to access my stored items, I know there is a file box that have to ruthlessly sort. The good news is that I will have my scanner so turn bits of paper into bites and bits and get rid of the vermin hosting paper. 

I am happy that I have a plan of attack and I look forward to cleaning house, especially as it means less things for me to store or figure out what to do with or take to grad school come the fall. And I know that will take a huge weight off of my shoulders. Have you done a purge lately? How did you feel? What was the hardest area to get rid of stuff from? I know for me it is paper, I always think I will need something and the archivist in me wonders what documentation am I leaving for my descendants of my time here on earth. A bit silly and self important but there it is for the world to see, my foible, my desire to leave a mark some how on the world. 

Lady Littlefoot

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