31 Day Reset – Day 2: Take an Honest Assessment of Your Life

Day2 of the 31 Day Reset requires you to take an Honest Self Assessment of seven areas of your life. One must be willing to put on the magnifying glass and apply surgical precision to this assessment in order to reap the most benefit from it.

I dithered and dottered on this task for hours, yes hours. I started. I stopped. I ate dinner, watched TV with my sister then had a hot beverage. And then watched some more TV all to avoid really taking a look at the seven areas of  my life and asking the two questions in this exercise: 1). What do I LIKE about this area of my life? and 2). What do I DISLIKE about it? Since I’m still pondering these I will post the wave tops of where my brain is at the moment. I might revisit this to flesh these categories out in greater detail.

View from my Aunt's veranda. Bartica, Guyana

View from my Aunt’s veranda. Bartica, Guyana

Currently I am all over the place, ping ponging between two states. In NYC I LIKE that I am able to get out and do things. I can just hop on the train and meet friends for meals and/or drinks or to do some activity. The vibrancy of the city is awesome. I DISLIKE the current lack of structure in my life which leave much room for procrastination. I also don’t like the crowded confines of the city and lack of open areas.

I’m presently unemployed but in my previous work as I Marine I was bored with my job. I LIKED that I was able to help others as a Marine and in the course of my work. I DISLIKED how limited it was in scope and the lack of intellectual stimulation.

I LIKE that I have a degree and I finished it through the many stops and starts. I also LIKE my curiosity and thirst for knowledge. I DISLIKE playing the waiting game for graduate school acceptance.

I LIKE that I am not overwhelmed by debt and the fact that I have some money saved. I DISLIKE not having an exact budget and not having a steady source of income to replenish my supply.

I LIKE that I am in good physical shape for my age due to my former occupation. I DISLIKE that I am putting on weight slowly but surely. I know I need to get back on a consistent workout schedule to combat the mid thirties spread. I LIKE the mental journey that I am on to be a more content me. I DISLIKE my penchant for procrastination that hampers my journey.

I LIKE that we are getting better about talking to each other. I DISLIKE the lack of communication and difficulty we have in asking for assistance from each other.

I LIKE no make that LOVE my fairly large circle of close friends who support me and are there for me. I DISLIKE how far they are away from me. No romantic relationship to speak of at the moment.

I’m sure I will be revisiting this list to flesh out some of these ideas. I may not post the more extended and in depth version but I am satisfied with sharing this much.

If you were to ask yourself similar questions what would your list look like?

Lady LittleFoot

2 thoughts on “31 Day Reset – Day 2: Take an Honest Assessment of Your Life

  1. Dela Mae,

    There is nothing wrong with having boundaries. Was talking to Globetrotter about that the other day, she has the opposite problem from you. Not enough boundaries. Perhaps you two need to get together and share notes :-). Just a thought.


  2. I LIKE that you have such courage to post yours. A former coworker drummed up the old conversation that I am always/still keep him at a distance because I won’t add him to my online community. I won’t even add myself to my online blog! Working on my boundaries…

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