31 Day Reset – Day 20 & 21 & Other Stuff

As I sit here getting typing this post I am tired. Exhausted really but I will do a post tonight. Last week I started taking classes at a gym. The Living Social deal I found, $50 for unlimited classes at H.I.T Fitness Warehouse, couldn’t have come at a better time. Even before the 31 Day Reset I knew I wanted to get back into my fitness and this allowed me to do so without thinking much. All I have to do is show up and get my butt kicked for an hour and then not ruin it by over indulgences. Easy enough, right. But I am sooooo exhausted. I know it’s only for a time and I have a goal, to fit back into my teeny, weeny itsy bitsy purple string bikini. I digress, as I am wont to. Back to the reset. For Day 20 you were to Remove Negative People from Your Life and Day 21 you were to Stop Complaining for 24 Hours.

According to Jim Rohn whom, Rosetta references “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” In the spirit of that quote late last year, I took a look at my list of friends on Facebook and started a curating campaign. So I must admit that I did not approach this exercise with the vigor it deserved as I felt I had been doing it for the past year. On social media, I continually look at the people I am “friends” with and ask myself when was the last time we spoke? Whether in person, by phone (voice or text) or various messengers, if we had no contact I either outright deleted them or moved them to an acquaintance list. This was especially true of people I used to work with or knew from a previous church or whose sibling I am friends with. If I do not find that they add any value to my life then I completely delete them. On Twitter it’s easier. I made a decision to follow mostly news organizations and people who offer edifying remarks on that forum. The minute their Tweets starts aggravating me or otherwise polluting my timeline I “unfollow’ them.

In my everyday life, I have been slowly dropping people who do not bring value to my life or whose life I don’t add any value to. I’ll admit it does take me a while to actually delete them from my phone or cross them out of my old school paper phone book but I have stopped engaging the Debbie Downers and Negative Nigels. If I come across their name and think to reach out I ask myself why don’t we speak and then I recall the reason behind and move onto someone whose relationship I value.

As I went about my day I made an extra effort to not be negative in word and thought. Word was easier, just bit my lip and not say the mean thing that came to mind but often I do have those mean thoughts, like “why did no one tell person that outfit just isn’t working for them?” It may not be negative but it is catty so now I pay attention to the catty thoughts and squash them when they occur. Which dovetailed nicely with the Stop Complaining for 24 hours. So in addition to raining in my catty thoughts or negative wishes for others I also paid attention to what I said. Instead of complaining about how hot it was walking around at the zoo, I thanked God that I could walk around. There are those who are wheel chair and walker bound who would relish the opportunity to walk the paths of the zoo gazing at the myriad of animals. Instead of complaining when I forgot to set my alarm and didn’t wake up earlier on Sunday, I thank God for the much needed rest. As this week continues I will make every effort not to be a Negative Nellie in my thoughts and to not complain about my circumstances but be thankful for all I have and even for things that do not work out they way I want them to. Perhaps, God has a greater plan and purpose that I do not see at this moment.

Have you ever considered whittling down the circle of friends and/or acquaintances, specifically to remove the negative influences in your life? Have you looked at yourself to make sure you weren’t being the negative one? Have you considered taking a set amount of time and instead of complaining about all the things that are going wrong you express gratitude for the blessings in your life?

Try one or both of these exercise. You might be surprised.

Lady Littlefoot

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