31 Day Reset – Day 23: Plan a Reset Project

What is this you say? Where is Day 22: Start a Side Hustle? I looked at it, read the description, read Rosetta’s journey taking her side hustle into a new career and decided to put this particular project on the back burner. Instead I will move ahead with Planning a Reset Project. Yes, it may be the easier task to take on because, well, I’ve already started it. The Reset Project requires that you choose one specific area from your previously created Life Map to make progress on within the next month. The areas identified in the life map are: Lifestyle, Work, Education, Finances, Health, Family and Relationships. Lets get started. Structuring the project was laid out in the assignment so it was very simple to fill in the blanks and answer the questions.

Reset Project Structure

Brief Description – What area of your life map will you work on? Be specific.
As I mentioned I already started on the life map area of Health.

Why the project selected? –  How will this project help you to get closer to your ideal life? 
I chose to focus on Health for my Reset Project because I had already started on this area and it was easier to continue on rather than focus on separate area. I initially got started on the area of health because I wanted to lose a few pounds and inches off of my waist as well as improve my overall physical fitness and endurance as well as just my health in general. I fee that a healthy mind and body makes it easier to pursue your dreams and passions. If you can get up in the morning and bound off to work or school your days is so much better. 

Goals & Results – What do you hope to achieve? How will you measure success?
My goals are simple, lose 10 pounds, and 3 – 4 inches on my midsection and get back to running 3 -6 miles a day. Improve my eating habits by being more vigilant about sweet and fatty treats and foods. I also hope to rid myself of some of my recurring pain with chiropractic care. Success will be measure by pounds and inches lost, strength, endurance and miles gained and reduction of recurring pain in my body.

Assistance Needed – What will you need to get your project completed or underway? How do you plan to get it?
I was able to get help in affording the gym by acquiring a deal from Living Social. I also procured another deal from GroupOn for a massage and chiropractic consultation. These were instrumental in getting me started back on my fitness and pain reduction goals. I know I need assistance in planning healthier meals so I’ve been consulting various fitness and food sites to get ideas and to check nutritional content of various foods. I’m also logging my meals and exercise online so I can see my caloric intake and expenditures.

Obstacles – What obstacles might you encounter and how do you plan to deal with them?
One obstacle that I have already encountered is injury. My dodgy right hip (more like hip flexor) is acting up again but I took a day off from my gym routine to rest it and apply some ice to the offending area. I have learned to rest my body when it tells me to and to take a break from exercise as needed to give my body a chance to recover. If I don’t an injury could side line me longer than a day or two of rest. Another obstacle to my health goals is expense of eating healthily. I went to the grocery store and spent nearly $100 on mostly fruits and vegetables and a little seafood. I am hoping this haul lasts about a week and half to two weeks. Now granted I share some of this with my aunt but she shares her pantry with me as well so it evens out.

Next Steps – What do you need to do now in order to see results in 30 days?
In order to see results in the next 30 days I have to stay committed to my gym classes, 6 days of the week, keeping my chiropractic appointments and making sure I get enough rest to allow my body to recover. I will also engage my accountability partner in my goals and will write another love letter to myself regarding this project.

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