31 Day Reset – Day 24 – “Allowing the tears to fall.”

This past week week has been rather difficult, partly because I’ve been doing more in my day as well as working out. I am exhausted. On top of that I got disappointing news, graduate school #2 said no to my application. So a combination of tiredness and disappointment has me even more down and craving some Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk (NYSFC) .

In addition to Ben & Jerry’s NYSFC I could use some chill time with my good buddy LSmooth cause he gives the best hugs ever. I need a hug. But LSmooth is back in NYC and Ben & Jerry’s will not help my fitness goals so I have to find some other coping mechanisms.

This down time mirrors “real life.” In the midst of a project or some other activity you’ll often be sidetracked or thrown off course. But no matter what the slow down is, you still have to finish the task. Be that as it may, take a moment to experience what is going on without wallowing in it. As my friend FlameStar says (and I’m paraphrasing), “have compassion for yourself and cry whatever tears you need to, mourn and then move on.”
To many times we bury our disappointment and grief over a lost opportunity and do not take the time to properly mourn leading to more suffering in our lives. I often wondered why it too me so long to get over failed relationships and now I know why. I did not take the time to mourn. I read a cliche statement some years ago that said tears are like rain for our insides, it brings cleansing when needed and nourishing as well. So I allowed the tears to fall and am allowing myself to mourn the death of a dream to attend graduate school this fall.

I will not give up on my dream, but I will review and make sure that the desires of my heart and aligned with the path God has for me to follow.

I took today off from the gym. It wasn’t a planned rest day but my hip is hurting so I needed to allow myself this recovery time. I am getting the physical rest I need as well and the emotional recovery time. I’ve caught up on my reset challenge assignments, though I’m still a wee bit behind on the corresponding blogs but that is okay.

Make sure that you are taking time out to to mourn the dying/dead dream. To grieve the loss of a vision. Let the tears fall, and cleanse the insides and approach life with new vim and vigor.

Here’s to the bright clean sky after the storm.

Lady Littlefoot.

3 thoughts on “31 Day Reset – Day 24 – “Allowing the tears to fall.”

  1. Thank you ladies for you comments.

    Giving myself permission to grieve is something I am learning to do, one day at a time, Flame_star.

    Volunteering & being of service is something that I do on and off but do the recent transitional nature of my life, it’s been difficult to get plugged in. But I will make better efforts to do so, and take my mind off of my issues for a moment.


  2. I totally agree with allowing time to feel blue. A friend once told me that when she needs it, she takes a day to really go through it. Cry, stay in bed, eat ice cream, etc. but when that day is over, its time to get moving forward. One thing she recommended was volunteering in some way to help others because it takes your mind off of yourself.
    While I’m not convinced this always takes only one day, I do like the idea of giving time to feel sad and then making yourself get out and work through your problems. It may take 1 day…it may take 1 week or longer…but the important part is that you have to eventually dust yourself off and keep on moving forward.

  3. Grieving is vital to moving on, I’m glad you did it. Because sometimes we don’t want to give ourselves permission. I find it ashamed that we don’t let ourselves cry more, could save us and everyone else a lot of grief.

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