31 Day Reset – Day 25: Find a Community to Support Your Goals

As I move forward with this 31 Day Reset your life challenge I am gratified to know that my mind is already in the road and can see the steps that are needed ahead before I get there. The exercise for Day 25 was to Find a Community to Support Your Goals. Preferably this community would be outside of your friends and family because we know that their idea of what is best for you in tied up in how they see you, and that vision of you relates to them. Yes, I know not all of our friends and family members are like this but it doesn’t hurt to have outside information. 

As part of my personal development I chose to focus on my health as my Reset Project. Before I made it my reset project, chose that area to focus on because I have a birthday coming up in a few months and I want to celebrate it in the best shape of my life. I want to put on my itsy bitsy teeny purple bikini and not feel like I’m bursting out of it. I have a goal of 10 pounds and 4 inches off my midsection to get back to my ideal body. I want to run 6 miles and feel great afterwards, not run 2 miles and feel like I’m dying. So I am back to participating in the groups I was connected to as part of this endeavor. 
As I mentioned before I started working out with H.I.T Fitness Warehouse last week (7/19). The H.I.T. stands for High Intensity Training and they are all about making the most of the 60 minutes you have for your class. The trainers are encouraging and are available with advice on food and supplements . All you have to do is ask. I’ve also been part of an Facebook private fitness group. It specifically focuses on working on your abdominals but the members support each other no matter the fitness goals. I’ve also started following fitness guru Brad Gouthro, because his site had loads of information to build your best body. He also is very responsive on Twitter and YouTube which I appreciate. 
Additionally, I have started using the food and exercise tracker on MyFitnessPal. I signed up for it and was using it on my phone but the App stopped working so I stopped tracking. Now I make it a point to log on via computer several times a days if necessary to make sure I am tracking my consumption. Already I know I need to drink more water. 8 glasses a day is just not enough, not with the intensity of my workouts. Since I like to cook and am always fiddling with recipes, I’ve joined SparkRecipes specifically for their recipe calculator, which allows me to figure out the calories and nutrients in the meals that I prepare. 
I think that I am on a good path to improving my overall fitness and hopefully will start seeing a reduction in pounds and inches fairly soon. When I started the gym, I took some measurements and was going to repeat them but on the advice of one of the trainers at the gym (see that group is already working) I will measure every two weeks. This will allow me to see the results and not be discouraged if there are none week to week. 
I hope that my journey inspires you to start one of your own. If not health and fitness then some other area of your life where you want to see results sooner rather than later. Pick one, and get plugged into a support system.
Lady Littlefoot. 

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