31 Day Reset – Day 26 & Day 27: Go Beyond your Comfort Zone

Making Friends

Say what? You want me, Ms. Homebody, the one who prefers to bring people to me, to go out in the big world and make new friends? Uh, uh, ain’t gonna happen, I don’t want to!

OK, tantrum thrown let’s get down to brass tacks. Friendships take time and work and the goal of Day 26 of the 31 Day Reset, is to get you started making new friends who share similar interests such as the area of your Reset Project; in my case health and fitness. To achieve the goal of making a new friend, you’ll make a list of three people you recently met. Then invite them for a meal, to an event or just contact them to see what they’ve been doing since the last thing you spoke and/or saw them.

Outside of the gym I haven’t met many people because most of the groups I became part of on my Reset Project were online, with people scattered across the country if not the world. So that list did not happen. This does not bode well for making new friends. I’ve been at the gym for over a week now, though I’m friendly with the folks there I haven’t connected with anyone. At least not enough to exchange contact information with. This illustrates something about me.

Even, though I get along with people well, I am not so good at the making the friends part. I don’t like to feel like I’m imposing on people and their time. I do realize that this impedes my growth as a person and would make my dreams of world travel more difficult than it needs to be. I have started to step out of my comfort zone, and initiate conversation with people, as much as possible. This exercise has shown me how much more I need to channel my friend Globetrotter, who has no problem talking to strangers; in my quest to become comfortable interacting with new people.

Reviving Romance

Whether you were single or coupled Day 27 was all about reviving your love life. Singletons had a simple task to revive/jump start your love life. Either ask someone out you already know and like, go out to a happening spot and connect with folks there or get on your computer for an online connection.

I wish I could report to that I did one of these things. There is no one in my life at the moment that I want to get to know better as a potential romantic partner, and I’ve tried the online dating thing and was not impressed with the options presented to me. I could have gone out, in fact I had plans to go out Saturday night, but the night came and went with me sitting on the couch eating ice cream. Yeah, I know bad on the romance and the health & fitness front. But I could not muster the energy to go out and make conversation with total strangers. The path to romance and happily ever after requires effort on both people’s part. Like making friends it requires stepping outside your comfort zone and relationships do not grow without putting some effort in.

I know I have to make the effort to meet new people and to connect with potential romantic partner. But something keeps holding me back and what that something is, I don’t know. Fear of the unknown, of what lies ahead, of the winding path you can’t see ahead is a hefty stumbling block, like one of the erratics left behind by a long ago glacier. I keep reminding myself that the only thing to fear, is fear itself. Every, choice in life requires letting go of whatever it is we feared about that choice and holding onto the experience and blessings that choice brings into your life. I will continue to, little by little, make the effort to initiate conversation with others and be open to meeting new people whether for friendship or romance.

Lady Littlefoot.

One thought on “31 Day Reset – Day 26 & Day 27: Go Beyond your Comfort Zone

  1. You’re not alone. I felt the same way on both accounts. I’m social to a certain extent and find my current environment limits me to mingle and be the social butterfly I would like to be.

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