31 Day Reset – Day 28: Let Go of the Past

Like most of you I am caught up in Olympic Fever so I’ve neglected the blogging somewhat. However, I made sure to complete my 31 Day Reset Tasks (for the most part). Let Day 28 you were instructed to “Let Go of the Past” with a fairly simple exercise. I say fairly simple because I haven’t done the exercise as described. There were 3 steps (simplicity personified).

First, make a list of all the things you have been holding onto, failed relationships, bad experiences, arguments with friends & family, situations you regret etc., etc. Second step was to find a way to achieve closure; pray on it, say a mantra, light a candle and meditate, what ever you can apply to the even that will remove the painful/negative impact. Step three rip the pages from your journal or print them out for the high tech folks and burn them. Yes, take them outside, in the back yard, the park, the balcony and have a little bonfire and burn, burn, burn the it all. As the smokes rises let it all go and reset yourself. Begin anew.

I’ve described this exercise clearly yet I didn’t do it. Why you ask? I’m not sure. Part of the list making was to set on a time frame. 1 year or 30, however long you need to let go of stuff. I’ve gone through some things in my life and, in a effort to live a more present and forward reaching life I’ve had to learn to forgive when I’d rather commit murder. Sometimes, the forgiveness had to take place in a vacuum, where the person could not be confronted and made to acknowledge the wrong they did. I am a person that tends to hold onto things, specifically hurts and slights so letting go and forgiving is something that I am constantly doing. I’ve learned that forgiveness, is on going. When I least expect it an incident that I thought long forgotten and forgiven will be triggered by a present occurrence and I will be taken aback. Over the years, I’ve learned to acknowledge the hurt and pain and other negative emotions cause by the past incident, because we must acknowledge our hurts then speak forgiveness to the person/persons, and for me I pray as well. I ask God to continue to teach me to forgive and cover the person(s) wherever they are with is love. This works for me.

As I write this I am contemplating, this exercise. I know I will do it. The time frame I am still working on. I think I am a bit afraid to open Pandora’s box and find something there that I haven’t acknowledge. But we have nothing to fear but fear itself. So I will take a few days and then revisit this exercise. The beautiful thing is I have my Reset notebook and this blog to remind me to address the scary monster in the closet.

Lady Littlefoot

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