31 Day Reset – Day 29: Make a Bucket List

Yippee, something fun to do! (Besides ogling the men swimming and tumbling in the XXX Olympiads)

The title is explanation enough. Make a list of all the things you ever want to do before you die. I thought, how easy is that. This will be done in no time flat. I did not expect to be surprised by my list, but at number 5 I was dumbfounded, because anyone who know me know I hate the cold. As a child of the tropics, I prefer a temperate to warm environment that does not require me to be wrapped up like an Eskimo.

Get an advanced degree (in science – kinda saw this one coming over the last few months)

Get married – no surprise there

Have a few kids, at least a boy & girl – again no surprise

Visit 6 of 7 continents. – Hello have we met?

Touch a glacier – Fall out of my chair surprised at this one!

Swim with sea creatures, dolphins/sharks (I don’t like open water & depths I can’t touch)

Ride a camel with a Bedouin

Learn another language or two, Spanish & French, maybe Arabic

Learn to swim or rather overcome my fear of the deep

Learn to ride a bike (there is a story behind this deficiency)

Run a triathlon (hence the need for swimming & biking)

Run a marathon

See the northern lights

See the southern lights

Take a round the world trip (preferably with my hubby or w/ hubby & kids)

Own a boat or at least live on one for a little while (where do I come up with this stuff?)

Rock climb (I’m not fond of heights)

Skydive (hello heights again)

My long shot – see the earth from space

Publish a work of science (climate change, sustainability, environmental science etc.)

Have you made a list like this and surprised yourself? What did you discover about yourself while making the list? For me there were plenty of surprises and I discovered that there are hidden dreams lurking in the depths of my heart. And that alone was worth this whole month long journey!


Lady Littlefoot

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