31 Day Reset – Day 3: Write a Love Letter to Your Future Self

The task for Day 3 of the 31 Day Reset Your Life Challenge was to write a Love Letter to yourself. Now, now, lets bring the eyebrows back down and retire the skepticism for the time being. It’s not a romantic letter full of hearts and stars and cuddly bunnies. It’s a future letter of how your life will be improved over the next 30 days. After you write the letter you are to use the FutureMe site to send said letter to yourself. I have decided to send the letter to me a year hence because when I wrote it I was thinking that far in advance. I know I am going to have to revisit this particular exercise and perhaps write something for a shorter time frame. Alas, it’s the year long one that is in the pipeline to be sent.

Look into the sky beyond our star

Here is a sample of that letter: 
Education: You love learning new ways of doing things, and concepts. Soon that Master of Science will be a fait accompli and you’ll be all smiles and ready to embark on a fulfilling career.
Finances: You love that there is a zero balance on all your credit cards, that you’ve 6 months to a year in a savings account. You’ve maxed out your retirement accounts. You make budgets and stick to them but leave enough wiggle room for unexpected fun.

And so ended Day 3 in the challenge. I am not always able to blog right away but I am not beating up on myself as I am wont to do over such things.

Have you ever thought about writing a love letter to yourself? What would you say to a future you?
Lady LittleFoot

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