31 Day Reset – Day 30: Write Your Own Eulogy

I know, I know why in Sam Hill do you go from happy future looking and dreaming to this piece of morbidity. For that have to turn to the Happy Black Woman for an answer. In her instructions for Day 30 she tells us that the eulogy is a speech someone gives about you at your death. For our purposes this eulogy will be a clear picture on how you want your life to look to others.  For an in depth look at how to write your eulogy check out the Art of Manliness, as Rosetta recommends (she acknowledges that it’s an odd choice, but hey it’s a good resource). They get really detailed. From your geographic history to education, family and relationships, hobbies and interests and the qualities and characteristics that set you apart as well at things people will miss about you.

As I wrote out my eulogy I was able to clarify some things. Or rather some things became clear to me. I approached this assignment with some trepidation but it was one of the best for me. I started writing and my hands starting hurting from how fast I was trying to get every thing written down. I am not quiet finished with it, I’d like to refine it some more and add some areas to it. All in all, if you haven’t ever thought about what you want your life to look like and what your legacy will be, this exercise will help you get there.

Littlefoot’s Eulogy

Today we gather to celebrate the life of Lady Littlefoot (obviously this is not my real name), known by many others names, daughter, sister, mother, aunt, friend, sister-friend, Marine, teacher and so much more. For these many roles she was called many things, her favorite being Littlefoot, from her time in the Marines when her boots were a source of hilarity for her fellow Devil Dogs. Littlefoot was born in the northern highlands of South America, in a little country called Guyana. She grew up in a small town on the river, where the susurrus of wind in the trees and the echos of the waves on the sands played a soothing lullaby.

*skip a few paragraphs*

Littlefoot and her husband hosted dinner parties when they were home, having lively discussions on the issues of the day over great food and drinks. They took joy in presenting a well balanced and beautiful meal always with a little surprise for the diners. Littlefoot was a forthright woman and if you asked her opinion and/or advice you got it straight, no chaser. People valued her honest and integrity, and when she went to be with the Lord she took many secrets with her. She was a great friend and confident; a listening ear when needed, a consoler in times of sorrow and the best kick in the pants giver when needed.

I’ll leave you with these two paragraphs from my self written eulogy, as it is rather long and a little bit all over the place. It is definitely something that I will work on being more cohesive and giving a better flow. There is so many areas I need to elucidate and or expand on that the eulogy in it’s entirety will roam all over.

I hope it gives you a glimpse of what I want my life to look like and how I would want to be remembered.


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