31 Day Reset – Day 31: Create a Vision Board

I made it, I made it. Woohoo! I ran the 31 Day Reset race, and though there were fits and starts, I finished the course. I am super de dooper excited about the discoveries I’ve made along the way about myself. Some were jaw dropping surprises, like wanting to touch a glacier and for my higher education pursuits to be heavily focused on science. The capstone of the reset was creating a Vision Board as a reminder of all your dreams and goals. You could go old school and build something out of a poster board with images cut out from magazines or drawn, or you could chose the electronic route. My life is one of constant movement and will be so for the likely future so I chose the online option.

Earlier in the year after I left San Diego and was twiddling my thumbs, I saw a You Tube video from the Passionista Abiola Abrams on creating a vision board. So I did. I used My Next Chapter Story Board from Oprah.com. It wasn’t bad but it was definitely lacking. It was sparse and I wasn’t connected to it. I used some of the images available from the site and they really didn’t resonate with me. And it was just plain difficult to do as I tried to figure out what I wanted on the board.

Original Vision Board

After all of the exercises I did during the 31 Day Reset it was much easier to do the vision board. I just opened my reset journal to my Reset 10 (which was fleshed out in Values in Action and Life Map). Whenever the site didn’t have a image that represented what I wanted I went to Pinterest (I have several boards or varying interests) and then to Google to collect the images I loved best.

For a refresher here is my Reset 10:
1. travel & adventure                    6. learning/education
2. love & marriage                        7. helping others/being of service
3. children                                    8. integrity & leadership
4. economic security                     9. stewardship of the earth
5. faith                                        10. healthful living

See if you can pick out the pictures that represent or allude to each item.

Vision Board Redux

If you have never done a vision board (also known as a dream board) perhaps it’s time to examine where your life is and whether your internal vision matches the external reality. If it doesn’t then it’s time to reset your life and envision the future you want. Let me know how it goes.

Lady Littlefoot

2 thoughts on “31 Day Reset – Day 31: Create a Vision Board

  1. Hi Javacia,

    Welcome! Sometimes a push is all we need. I needed the push the #32dayreset give me to do all the work necessary to get to my vision board. I am so happy I took the 31 days and am more at peace with where I am right now in my life’s journey.


  2. Love this! I made a vision board a couple years ago (the old school kind on poster board) and I’ve been considering creating a new one. This has given me the extra push to do so!

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