31 Day Reset – Day 4: Identify Your Values

Onward with the journey in this Reset Your Life Program. It begins 3 days of identifying your values. Easy enough right? Yet, it took me two days to do because, well, I was tired when I started contemplating then employed the avoidance technique for the free for all portion. Free-for-all portion of today’s exercise involves making “a list of all the things that means a lot to you in your life, all the things you care about.” I don’t know why making this list was so difficult. I started and then I stopped and started and stopped … well you get the picture. I then sat myself down like a big girl said get this down Littlefoot, stop procrastinating and blaming the NYC heatwave!

Hot City

So I sat, in the air conditioned cool of my mother’s living room and pondered. Nothing happened. So I watch Star Trek: Nemesis (I forgot Data “died” in this one, me no likey) then went back to the list and eureka! progress was made.

The process of identifying your values involved the free-for-all and the choosing 10 of the items to make your Reset 10. My 10 follows in no particular order. Yes, there may be an order in my head but it’s shifting so we’ll go with the order less list.

Travel & adventure
Love & marriage
Children & having a family
Economic security
Helping others/service
Integrity & leadership
Stewardship of the earth
Healthful living    

So there it is, my Reset 10 in this Reset Your Life Program. If you had to identify your values, what would your list look like?

Lady LittleFoot

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