31 Day Reset – Day 5: Envision Your Values in Action

Envision Your Values in Action seems like a simple enough task for Day 5 in the 31 Day Reset Challenge. Yet, it’s day late and dollar short and I’m now writing the post for it after completing the exercise earlier in the day. I really need to do better about completing these exercises on the day I get them in my in box. But I am a ponderer so I get the exercise, I read it several times, copy instructions to my notebook and ponder some more before  I actually begin to work on the exercise. Invariably, I will be interrupted to complete some other task or to head out of the house on an errand or meeting. The great thing about being in NYC is that I can complete my task on the train, with the only downside being scraggily, scratchy handwriting due to the rocking of the train. Oh, the small price to pay to reach down deep and do the excavating necessary to Live My Best Life (TM). Does this sound familar?

1. The first part of the exercise was to rate yourself 1-10 on how you are currently living out your Reset 10 values. Just in case you missed the post on that here is the list again, in no particular order: travel & adventure, love & marriage, children/having a family, economic security, faith/spiritual walk, learning/education, helping others/service, integrity & leadership, stewardship of the earth and healthful(w/ yummy food). I completed rating myself in these fairly easily and then moved onto Part 2.

2. What do my values look like in action? There are 3 questions to answer one of which is What would it really look like for you to be able to rate yourself as a “10” on how you live out all your values. I wrote the following: I’d be happy and content and perhaps my itchy feet will want to stay put if I am finally living my best life. My day would look like this: wake up, workout (run and/or gym), upon return read Bible/pray & eat healthy, yummy breakfast. Then leave for work/school that is less than an hour a way from my home. I didn’t get past leaving for work/school but from previous days exercise and reflection I know that work/school would entail a stimulation environment where I am either learning lots of new things or accomplishing something daily no matter how small that something may be.

Onward to Day 6, which is to write a Personal Mission Statement (PMS). Until next time dear readers … wish me luck on this journey!

Lady LittleFoot

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