31 Day Reset – Day 7: Create a Life Map

I’m just about caught up to the right day but I’m still behind on my corresponding blog posts for #31DayReset. Day 7 is titled Create a Life Map. When I saw Rosetta’s example I got excited because I had seen something very like it approximately 2 years ago. I attended a service with friends at Christian Culture Center in Brooklyn and Pastor A.R. Bernard give message where he talked about having goals in several areas of your life.When I sat down to do create my life map, a light bulb went off  and all the things I have been thinking started to coalesce into a clearer vision. Yes the exercise is working. WooHoo!!!

Exploration continues

Exploration continues

A Life map is a visual/text representative of what your ideal life looks like. It should be in accordance with your values and your personal mission statement. I’ll share with you what I mapped out my lifestyle circle to look like. For my lifestyle, ideally I would live in a smallish city (San Diego sized) in a walkable neighborhood with lots of restaurants and other socializing activities. My goal is to be able to bike around my neighborhood and city so I am committed to learning to ride a bike. Yes, I never learned to ride so but I will fix that because biking is a great way to see a new city and it’s also an opportunity to engage in a healthy activity. I also need to get better at swimming so I will work on that too. I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing a triathlon. In addition I will undertake a monthly adventure where I am living no more than a few hours car ride away and I’ll be on a quarterly (at least) international trip. All of these things tie into my finances circle. For that I wrote that I will budget and live within my means. Especially with no job at the moment!

As I reflected on all the circles and what I wrote for them all I realized the hardest part was coming up with tangibles for each circle. It’s more so difficult because once it’s written down you have to go about accomplishing it and sometimes you just want to stay where you are and let life wash over you. I need to acknowledge that, I will slip up but that’s okay. I need to be more forgiving of my foibles and failures. Goals help you to envision your endstate and without them you bob along like a piece of flotsam and jetsam tossed every which way by the waves. No more aimless drifting time to plot a course and take hold of that rudder and lead the way.

Have you ever plotted a life map for yourself? What did it look like and how did you go about following it?
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