31 Day Reset – Day 8: Rest, Reflect & Comment

I made it to Day 8 of the “virtual life coaching experience” presented by the Happy Black Woman Rosetta Thurman. Considering the days I’ve missed I already had my rest time so I am just going to go straight to the reflect portion of this assignment. I’m on my own pace but I am to catch up to completing and blogging about the day’s assignment on the actual day of the assignment. I’m getting there. I may be a tortoise but tortoises win races too. :-)

Dive Platform. “Look up, look down, look to the horizon, take a step forward.”

In reflection you are to answer the following questions:
(1) What was the most important thing you learned about yourself this week?
The most important thing I learned about me was that the building blocks are all there, I just need to take that leap of faith. I am slightly afraid of high places and of deep water. One of the most challenging things I’ve had to do was jump off of a platform into the deep end as part of my swim qualification for the Marines. The only thing that got me off that platform was them saying I had 30 seconds or or I would be rated as unqualified. My competitive side kicked in and I came off that board like a flying squirrel, with no finesse, no attention to technique, just off the board and into the deep water. I keep going back to that day and remembering I could have broken my neck but I didn’t and I qualified as the lowest level of Combat Water Survival. That didn’t matter. I qualified at “you have 30 seconds to jump or you will go unq [unqualified].” So I know I need to give myself time lines and sometimes I need to just jump off the damn board no matter how unprepared I may feel.    

(2) What has been your favorite exercise so far? What did you like about it?
My favorite exercise so far has been 1. Envision Your Values in Action followed by 2. Create a Life Map. They helped me to bring solidity to my nebulous dreams gave me smaller tangibles to work on – slices rather than the whole pie.

(3) Which exercise did you struggle with the most and why?
I struggled with the Assessment of Current Reality. It was difficult for me because it required me to honest about to my short comings; to take the blinders and rose colored glasses off and really evaluate what was working and what wasn’t. But it is helpful to do that so you are not wondering down the wrong path at 100 miles an hour acting like nothing is wrong when everyone else is trying to tell you to slow down or that you are on the wrong road.  

That’s is for today’s reflection. I’m off the do the comment part of the exercise. I hope you all are inspired to do something similar or to just do one part of the reset especially if you are feeling a bit off in your life.

Happy Journey
Lady LittleFoot

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