31 Day Reset – Day 9: Do One Thing

As we move along in this life challenge we’d had days that involved identifying my values, envisioning my values in action and eventually writing a personal mission statement. This brings us to Day 9 of the 31 Day Reset which required that you Do One Thing. Not just any one thing but “one thing that will move you closer to your ideal life.” This one things needs to be personally significant to you and related to a specific goal. Some other criteria include: 

  1. Something you’ve been procrastination on for a long time (Budgeting). 
  2. Something that terrifies you (Numbers in columns – budgeting). 
  3. Something that inspires you (Increasing $$ in saving account – budgeting). 

I am not a fan of the really scary stuff, so you get a kitty

You are to be specific and focus on on that task. So I started a budget. It’s not complete by any means but it’s a good start. 

For this budget thing to work it must be tangible and measurable. I am currently unemployed so my income is limited (and at the moment sketchy because NYS Dept of Labor sucks). Here is what I have so far

Income: $358/week —-> $1432/month
Expenses: $678/month
Car Insurance: $75/month
Cell Phone:   $182/month [this is for me & Mom, I’m moving us to prepaid]
Food:     $350/month [yes a little high for a single person but I incl meals out]
Student loan:   $132/month
ING Deposit   $40/month [to cover ongoing stock fund & misc]

As you see this would leave me $754/month to play with. I’m projecting to put $408 a month towards my travel fund & $346 towards my retirement. All of this hinges on actually receiving the Unemployment money weekly. So far that hasn’t been happening so the extras get used to live on and then the credit card comes out and when the money comes it the CC gets paid and we start all over. However, I chose to focus on finances because it’s something that terrifies me and I often push to the side until I am in crisis mode. I will continue to work work on this (the budgeting) including scheduling time weekly to review the accounts and see where I stand. I do this now but I’ve gotten lax and it’s very hap hazard since there is not a lot coming in and going out.

This reset challenge came at a time where I needed to reset my financial house and get it back in order to pursue the things I love.

What part of your life that needs resetting you the most?
Lady Littlefoot

2 thoughts on “31 Day Reset – Day 9: Do One Thing

  1. My dear, you are once again writing what I can only clutter my brain with! It’s still a daunting challenge for me to look at all those numbers and feel the weight of never getting out of debt… I do this and I won’t have the mental energy to search and apply for jobs AND call everyone on my LinkedIn list AND answer every damn job posted email… it’s sooo overwhelming! My one thing today was figure out the destiny of my wee little 401K… one number, one dollar value, one decision.

    • Dearest Devotee of Nzinga ONE thing is what you have to do. Pick one thing each day and do that thing so you do not overwhelm yourself with all the other things. Yes they all need to be done but not all at this second.

      You like your lists, so make a giant list of all the things you feel you need to do. No matter how big or how small. Just keep writing or typing until your brain can’t think of anything else. The next day or later in the day or whatever you feel comfortable with you can categorize.

      Take several colored high lighters and assign an area to it Lifestyle, Education etc and highlight all on the giant to do list.

      Lady L.

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