Surprise, suprise

Something most people don’t realize about me is that I love surprises. I’m the person who doesn’t want to know what you are getting me for Christmas or my birthday. Don’t tell me that you have a surprise for me that spoils the whole thing. Whatever you do, big or small, will be colored by my expectation of it. So just keep your plans to yourself and if you are a chatty Kathy just avoid me so you don’t spill the secret. Also, I am organizer by nature so if I see you making moves I will be suspicious and start asking questions, offering suggestions and even help. So be discrete with your surprise planning too.

In short I don’t want to know about it and I don’t want to see any actions leading up to it either. I think most of us who like surprises don’t want a hint or a clue.

I was staying with my Mom’s youngest sister and family before I left for Barna and they must have heard my spiel on surprises because they completely caught me off guard. The night before I left we were planning a quiet night at home of take out and a movie. I must say my aunt and cousin had the planning covered really well. They took turns in asking me questions like what I wanted to eat and my cousin even presented the cake option as some sort of discussion she was having with friends and wanted the family’s opinion on.

Birthday Surprise – The Set Up

I don’t know how they managed to hide the gifts and the cake, but I guess I was preoccupied that week. It was a week of mixed emotions. Excitement, at the prospect of crossing the great big Atlantic and beginning a new leg of this journey called life. Dread, at the idea of leaving behind everything and everyone I know.

They scored major points on the gifts too. A tea infuser mug (must have tea in my life) and a bottle of Chloe perfume I’d been hankering after. And they made me cry. I am not a crier generally speaking but I was completely taken off guard by both the party atmosphere they pulled off with cake, ice cream, some decorations and presents. It was lovely and touched the soft spot hidden within me.

Birthday Surprise – Blowing out the Candles

Do you like surprises? Has anyone managed to completely surprise you? Have you surprised someone? Big or small share your stories of either making someone’s day or having yours made for you. For you Grinch like types who don’t like surprises why do they make you uncomfortable? If you don’t know maybe it’s time you figured that out and let others have the joy of surprising you. As much as I was surprised and enjoyed it, I know my aunt and cousin got a kick out of accomplishing it without me having a clue.

And that is what makes surprises so awesome. The giver and the receiver both are left smiling.

Lady Littlefoot

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