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Today was one of those days where midnight came and I had so much still to do to prepare for the next day’s work that I almost didn’t write this post. I started the bedtime prep, changed into warm jammies cause it’s a tad cool here in Barcelona. Removed the light makeup from my face and brushed my teeth. As I I as I worked the brush all up in the molars (what? too much? it stays you need the visual), I reminded myself that if I skipped today I would most like skip tomorrow so I need to stretch my imagination and think of something to write.

So I thought and thought, discarded one harebrained idea after another. As I rinsed my mouth and washed my face I thought of writing about what I really loved. At this later hour that would require too much digging and too many words so I narrowed it down to just the books. The heavens had opened up and thrown me a life line.

I love to read. When I was little I always had my nose in a book. The boys won’t let me play with them? That’s okay I’ll go play with my friends in between the book covers. The bathroom needed cleaning? No worries, it will be done an hour later, I have a few more pages to go, I just need to find out what happened here. I like series, a continuation of a cast of characters, following them as they grown and change, being drawn into their lives is always deeply satisfying.

I think the first series I read was Ann, of Green Gables. I followed Ann from hoyden to married lady with children of her own. Now that I think on it, maybe that’s where I grew to like red hair and freckles and wanted those for myself. When I moved to the states, a whole new world of books opened up for me. I read the Baby Sitters Club then moved onto Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High. I used to go to the library almost every week to get new books and read them by flash light under the covers when I was supposed to be asleep. I know a lot of you out there know what I am talking about. I read Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys too but was not really into detective stories so I never followed the whole series.

Today I am still a lover of a good series. My all time favorite to read and watch J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy master piece of Middle Earth “The Hobbit, or There and Back Again” and “Lord of the Ring” Trilogy which was not originally meant to be a trilogy but the publishers insisted it be broken into smaller books. Another series I love is a 7, soon to be 8 book epic called Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. It’s a little time travel, a lot of history and a good dose of romance. I can read this series over and over again and I have. Many times. I also bought the audio versions and the other day I got the 7 as ebooks. Yes, I’m a wee bit obsessed but I am not alone. The Gabaldonians as fans of the author’s work is called; are rather obsessive when it comes to this series. Lastly is the Potter series. I was compelled to read it by some Potter head, ok fan of the series and was summarily harpooned into Hogwarts and all things magical. I loved how the characters grew up and faced the darkness around them, including death.

The above are my favorite books. I have enjoyed the LOTR movies and can watch those over and over and over again. The Potter movies are a little more uneven but can still be enjoyed. The books are far better. As for Outlander, the series spans decades and centuries through time travel. The cast of characters is massive. I’m not saying it can’t be done, Game of Thrones anyone, but the lead characters of Jamie and Claire are much beloved and so clearly written that it would take someone of Peter Jackson’s caliber to capture them and their story.

Well that is it off to bed I go to dream of something fanciful. Oh, one more thing Jackson is bringing The Hobbit to the big screen. I can’t wait to return to Middle Earth!!! On that note I leave you this

Friendship of Elf, Man & Dawrf … in defense of Middle Earth

Lady Littlefoot

5 thoughts on “Favorite things – The Book Edition

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    • Hi Tat fellow book nerd (don’t deny it you know it’s true)

      I am always open to suggestions. I need to read more books, lately I’ve been reading lots of articles which are great but I need more books.

      An e-reader is great but I miss the tactile experience of a book in hand getting lost in that world.

  2. I love it! I need to reiterate my favorite things series as well, so this is motivation. It’s funny how things rise up to the forefront of your personal urgency when it comes to writing…

    • Hello Dela Mae,

      When it’s something you must do you will be reminded of if constantly. Get’s to writing my dear.

      As always a please to have your hear.


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