A very Marine Thanksgiving

One of my favorite Thanksgiving was 2010 when I had a semi potluck Thanksgiving dinner for some of my friends and Marines I worked with. The photos are bad, we were passing the camera around and some people had way too much to drink. A lot of us Marines didn’t go home that year, maybe it was our turn to stay in the area for the holiday or the travel expenses were too expensive, but whatever the reason we came together, some not knowing each other to celebrate the day. As we were eating we took turns saying what we thankful for, one of the guys being a wise acre (and possibly having a hard time putting it into words) started by saying he was thankful for the scallion and cheese mashed potatoes I made. They were delicious. I think he ended up having 3 servings of the potatoes. I guess you had to there to see the humor. I am glad that he was able to be somewhere and have a home cooked meal and share what he was thankful. I am grateful that all those people came together in my somewhat small San Diego apartment to eat, drink, watch football & give thanks.

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving Memory? If you don’t celebrate Turkey Day what is your favorite holiday memory centered on food and family?

Lady Littlefoot

2 thoughts on “A very Marine Thanksgiving

    • Welcome Em,
      It was and even with all those people (14 at final count) we still had left-overs. I know I had wine and soda that some of the barracks, no cooking folks brought for months. Months!

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