Congratulations to Passport Party Project Recipients

In 2011, Tracey Friley of One Brown Girl started a project called the Passport Party “to sponsor the first passports of several girls in the San Francisco Bay Area. The goal is to help give them a world view through travel and to help them consider their place in the world by giving them the tools they might need to wander the globe and learn about different cultures.”

Sometime in 2012, I heard about this project via my favorite social media tool, Twitter and have been intrigued ever since. As a poor expatriate I am/was not able to contribute financially to a young girl receiving her passport but I know this project exists and I support it wholeheartedly. I hope to be able to host a party in the future but for now I offer congratulations to the young women who received this passport through this project and especially to those who won an all expense trip to Belize, Central American. I am totally jealous of the adventure they are about to embark upon.

To see some of the faces of the happy recipients check out The Passport Party Project Site and perhaps take up the challenge to say something to these brand new travellers in video as I did below.

What words of wisdom or encouragement can you offer the young ladies of the Passport Party Project about travel?

Lady Littlefoot

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