Envision: 2012 Monthly Review – July

August is moving along swimmingly, though more hot and humid than July. Can you believe we are into the second week of the month already. My cousins are heading back to school is less than two weeks and my aunt is overjoyed! As I finished up the 31 Day Reset I came across another post by the Happy Black Woman on how to conduct a monthly review. It was right on time.

July, was a busy month for me. I spent Independence day in NYC, going to one of my uncle’s for BBQ. His younger son, graduated High School this year and is heading to college. That is mind boggling to me as I held them as newborns. My, oh my, the time sure does fly. I started the 31 Day Reset at the beginning of the month and it was the impetus for me to do some of the things I kept saying I would.  I found a great deal and started going to the gym. This is no treadmill and posh bathroom gym. It is a serious fitness training facility and you work your butt off and ooze gallons of sweat. I complain and cuss the trainers but love every second of it. The experience I am having there confirms for me that for my fitness, I need to make an investment in an environment of small class and intense training.

Hot and humid July is made for indoor activities. One of those activities is letter writing. Yes, those kinds of letters, not emails or texts. Old fashions ink pen to pretty paper letter, folded and placed in stamped envelopes and sent of the friends across the world. I decided in July to write one letter a week to far flung friends. I wanted to do this because I think letter writing is a lost art that has much value. It shores up relationships across distances. Even with all the new technology, there is nothing like getting an envelope that contains a handwritten missive. That alone showed that someone took the time out of their day to put pen to paper and convey their thoughts and feelings to you. My friends are already appreciating the letters.

July also saw me getting back into self care. I have neglected it in the preceding months due to low funds but I made use of the coupon sites and found some great deals. I went for a massage and chiropractic consultation and now I’m seeing the chiropractor several times a week which has led to a reduction of pain in several areas of my back.

The hazy days of July also brought sadness and tears with mugginess when I received a second no for acceptance to graduate school. At first I tried to shake it off, but then realized I had to mourn the loss of that opportunity. So I let the tears fall and said au revoir to that dream, at least for now. I learnt a valuable lesson. Take the time to mourn a loss. You must go through the grieving process. Allow yourself to feel the hurt and pain and let the tears wash it away. I am so glad I did, as it allowed me to focus on the next step rather than on what if and what else I could have done.

Moving across the pond to Europe to go to school, live and work has been a dream of mine since I was in HS. When graduate school didn’t come through for that to happen I applied to a few courses to get certified to teach abroad (I’m Barcelona Bound at the end of the month). One door was closed and another opened.

I choose the word ENVISION for the month of July. I finally started envision how I want my life to be and not just the big picture but the details. Once you see the details in your minds eye, you move forward to making it come to pass.

For August I will sell all this furniture in my storage unit. I don’t need them and they will become an albatross for me as I move forward. I will continue to sort out my STUFF and get rid of what I don’t need and won’t use by either sending to trash heap or donating. I want to feel accomplished by these things and I want to let the excitement of getting on a plane to Barcelona be paramount in my life.

Going forward I will be doing these monthly. I will not try to do them. I will do them. Another lesson learned. Declarative statements are best when setting goals. I think I will also add a twice yearly review, that should be easy if I have the monthlies already done. I am going to be my best accountability partner and I will share my goals with my accountability partner, KC Voltron so she can best assist me on the things I aim to accomplish.

Me & KC Voltron when she visited me in SD

What about you? Are you goal setting? Do you have a system in place to check that you accomplishing your goals? I challenge you to a review for a month or two and see how the results make you feel and how if it will help you in your reaching your goals.

Lady Littlefoot

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