False Outrage, Real Hate

Over the past week I’ve come across a controversy, or as the media calls it a scandal associated with the Commander-in-Chief (CINC), President of the United States (POTUS), Barack Hussein Obama. This particular controversy which I’ll call Umbrella Gate baffles me. Let’s go to the photo.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoga & POTUS Barack H. Obama

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoga & POTUS Barack H. Obama

Look at it. What do you see? What do you think about what you see? Take a moment to ponder. Now, I’ll tell you what I see when I look at this image.

I see two heads of state, President Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoga, holding some sort of briefing in front of the White House, the POTUS’s home and work space. I see them being bracketed by two members of the armed forces and being shielded from inclement weather. When I first saw the photo I thought, those are some fine Marine specimens (her I’m a gal who likes a man in uniform). I remember being proud that my Marine brothers were representing the Corps so well. There uniform was dazzling and their form ripped from the pages of a drill manual, so precise. I also wondered who was responsible for selecting two Marines so alike in appearance that combined with the uniform and precise bearing they were mirrors of each other. I kept wondering of there is a video of them walking out and unfurling their umbrellas. I bet it would look like something the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon does in their performances (see here for clip).

Those were and are my thoughts about this photo. Alas, my thoughts seem to be in the minority if the vitriol being spewed by Americans is to be believed. The saddest part for me is the hate and disrespect directed towards President Obama even by members of the military, especially Marines. Marines who take offence at a male Marine holding an umbrella for our CINC, as a task beneath them but would not dare tell a commander that, cleaning a toilet, picking up cigarette Butts or stirring shit in a burn barrel, is beneath them. These individuals who are ranting and raving about Mr. Obama tarnishing the office of the president are themselves tarnish the image of brotherhood and adherence to good order and discipline espoused by the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

There is no order in Marine Corps MCO P1020.34G that prohibits a male Marine from carrying an umbrella to shield another. And where women, children and dignitaries are concerned it’s a point of pride to render assistance. Another Marine said it best “The specific rule in the Marine Corps Uniform Regulation authorizes females to utilize umbrellas in service or dress uniform. It does not prohibit male Marines from touching or holding umbrellas in uniform. However, they are not to be carried by males for PERSONAL USE. The intent is that male Marines do not walk around using umbrellas for THEMSELVES when it rains.” So all these folks up in arms about the Marines holding an umbrella for the president are being disingenuous. They have their knickers in a bunch because a black man, the leader of our country and of the free world is being sheltered and treated like the dignitary that he is by a white man. Politics plays a role in those because there was no umbrage when Presidents Reagan, G.W. Bush or G.H.W. Bush had umbrellas held for them by members of the armed forces. It’s an honourable duty to serve a president in this capacity. Certainly a more favourable one than stirring shit in a burn barrel in some far-flung desert land.

What did you make of the photo and resulting controversy? For comparison the internet has provided the following.

4 Presidents 4 Umbrellas

4 Presidents 4 Umbrellas

Viewing this second photo, the outrage expressed by some is just false to cover the real hate they feel for Barack H. Obama because of the color of his skin.

Lady Littlefoot

6 thoughts on “False Outrage, Real Hate

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  2. Couldn’t possibly be because of misplaced distaste for the nature of his administration? I’m not a republican or democrat, nor do I think any recent administration has had the citizens of the US in their best interests. GW Bush Jr received a lot heat for passing tax cuts.. same as JFK (Democrat) had done in the past. There’s plenty of examples of this hypocrisy throughout presidencies and it generally resonates from the popularity of the way the president is running things and the quality of life for Average Joe/Jane Citizen at that time. If Average Joe/Jane isn’t happy, they’ll pick apart anything and everything the president does. This is the first half-black president and all of the sudden the race card can be pulled. Such an easy cop-out. Shows where the true racism is harbored. As for the military- so much has changed for the Marine Corps(other branches I assume, too. I’m only talking out of my own experiences), and infantry in particular, since Obama took office. I can tell you the dissatisfaction among the troops has nothing to do with race. Maybe making moves to try to discount service member’s ballots for his second election wasn’t taken very well? Or maybe its the personnel cut that is forcing a lot of good service members to be separated from the military against their will? He was popular enough to get voted in, and even re-elected but now that more and more of his bills/executive orders are being put into effect, the general public is recognizing that maybe he is actually a clone of what we have had in the past time after time. They’re recognizing he is further perpetuating our downward spiral…. But somehow some people still think its fueled by pure racism? Now that’s false outrage and real hate.

    • Welcome KS,

      If you want to call Mr. Obama out for his policies then do so but the manufactured outrage at Marines holding umbrellas is just that manufactured.

      Yes blame Mr. Obama for the changes in the military, he is afterall the CINC and the buck stops there but the cost cutting measures leading to troop drawdowns came from Joint Chiefs. So it the troops want to be pissed at someone take it up with the Generals in Pentagon.

      I wish I could believe all the vitriol I see directed towards our CINC was because of his policies but unfortunately my eyes and ears are opened to the bigotry being spewed by my fellow service members.

      • I respect your opinion. I wont even try to pretend i can relate to the social dynamics of growing up in America as an individual with darker skin pigmentation. But I don’t believe the president can take credit for the “budget cuts” and also divert blame on what gets cut. Anyone in service I know (and I just got out this year, so I’d say it’s a pretty recent acquisition of opinion) doesn’t dislike the president because of the color of his skin. By briefly taking a look at your bio, I read you were in the Marines aswell, not sure if you are gathering these opinions from Facebook posts or personally knowing marines spewing racist comments.. But I could agree with you that the internet is a breeding ground for keyboard warriors and the hate is misplaced. Individuals acting like they would tell him to kick rocks if they were ordered to hold an umbrella for him.. which everyone talks the same way about their least favorite BnCmdr or Plt Sgt.. doesnt make them racist, just makes them pseudo tough guys. And like I said, Im not an expert about racism but it seems to me like hypersensitivity leads people to assume when there is scrutiny towards the president, racism is always the first excuse to be pulled. Just like when Susan Rice got called “incompetent” when she reported false information to the UN. That was translated as a hate crime because of her skin tone. Thats just my take looking at it from the other side is all…

  3. I totally agree with you. The hypocrisy we see displayed on a continual basis is DISGUSTING. Where was all this outrage when all the other Commanders In Chief had umbrellas held over them? It’ CRAZY – there is this group of people who stand ready to pounce on EVERYTHING this President does.

    I can’t with these people . . . i just can’t.
    A Swirl Girl recently posted..It’s An Opportunity – Not A Problem!My Profile

    • That’s why I included that other photo I found to show the hypocrisy. If you are going to displeased with him do so for his policies and politics. There is much one can take umbrage with and critique. Two Marines holding umbrellas in the rain should not be reason for all this hoopla.

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