Fascinated by the earth

I am fascinated by the earth. I am enthralled by pictures from space showing the blue oceans and brown and green that make up landmasses, and the expanse of what that is the polar regions and mountain peaks. The way the plates move creating subduction zones, rings of fire and magma vents has me glued to YouTube for hours. I’ve added touching a glacier and seeing the earth from space to my bucket list. After seeing Felix Baumgartner’s historic jump from a balloon high in the atmosphere, I would take that balloon ride too. I can’t say I would be jumping out of the balloon, that is just past the exit of crazy for me.

Felix Baumgartner free falls from edge of space, breaking sound barrier

I mention all of this to answer NaBloPoMo’s prompt. If you could have any job (and instantly have the training and qualifications to do it), which job would you want? Yes, I know this was yesterday’s prompt, ask me if I care. Forgive me for the snark, I’m a wee bit tired.

If I magically had I the training and qualification, I would become a climate scientists focused on identifying what we humans can do to slow down anthropogenic climate change. Some folks out there do not believe climate change is happening or if the believe it is, they say that humans are not contributing to the change. I say if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn that I’m selling, Considering the condition the Superstorm Sandy left New York City in, I can cut you a deal on the bridge.

This dream, vision is not so far-fetched. All it requires is that I take my butt back to school. The hard part to swallow is that I will be going back to do a second bachelors degree as I can’t do a Masters of Science in any Science field without having a science major in undergrad. But to discover the secrets of the earth and to learn what stories it has to tell about what happened in the past, I need to get over that and go back to school. I need to take a leap of faith and dropped like Felix did. The free fall will be fast and there might be a tumble along the way but I’m sure the ride would be worth it.

Do you have a fantasy job you would do? Why is it a fantasy and not a reality? What do you plan on doing to take fantasy to the reality.

Lady Littlefoot

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