Favorite Things: Alba Botanica Kukui Nut Body Cream

As I said in my introductory post about Favorite Things, I am not one to gush. I fall in love with things and go about using them with nary a fan fare. But some things are so good you must share their usefulness and / or loveliness with others.

Which brings me to Alba’s Kukui Nut Moisturizing Body Butter.

I discovered this fabulous moisturizer in June 2008 when I moved to Southern California. The water there is horrible to your skin and hair. I don’t know what they do to the water, what they put in it or if it’s just the natural minerals in the water, but it’s horrible to your skin and hair and just awful to drink. So off I went to the Commissary (large grocery store) on base looking for something inexpensive to sooth my skin. I found Alba Kukui Nut Body Butter and fell in love with the scent. The Alba Body Cream comes in two flavors/formulations/scents, Kukui Nut and Mango. I prefer the Kukui Nut, it’s similar to cocoa butter in scent and works better in my opinion. The texture of the butter is slightly creamier.

I was prepping for a deployment on ship so I stocked my locker with containers of the Alba Kukui Nut Body Butter. I wasn’t going to stuck out at sea having to make do with what was sold in the itty bitty ship’s store or what could be found in the next port. My nose is too sensitive to take chances with unknown fragrances.

One day while we were at sea, I went to the gym for a long work out which required a shower. Afterwards, I was summoned back to my work area to do something. It was the end of the day so many of the guys in my work section were there to use my computer (which I needed for my job). They had to wait until I did my task and proceeded to harass me the whole while. They were kept asking where I was hiding the chocolate chip cookies, rifling through the drawers and cubbies in their search and would not believe me when I told them there were not any cookies in the office area. I reminded them that it had been some time since we received mail and stores so there were no care packages with cookies and none coming out of the mess decks either, but they were insistent. It finally dawned on me that they were smelling the body butter I had just slathered on myself after my shower. I then had to have them come sniff my arms and neck before they would believe that the chocolate chip cookie smell was coming from me and not some hidden cookies. They then warned me about using lotion scented like cookies as I could get gobbled up for it. I miss those knuckle heads and their foolishness. Now you know what the Kukui Nut Body Cream smells like.

My work cubicle on LHD-4 USS Boxer

My work cubicle on LHD-4 USS Boxer

I used to but this for $6.49 at the commissary then I ran out and went to buy it at a store off base and was offended that I could not find it for less than $12.49 for 6.5ox/184g container. When I left the military I bought a years supply. Alas, a year later it is gone and my beloved brother who was to procure some on base and send to me has let me down. Nothing else works as well at keeping me moisturized and ash free in all types of weather and water situations. I’ve used it in my hair when I ran out of hair product and by golly it tames “the beast” that is my head of curls.

You can find it online or at your local Wally World, Tar-jé, and drug stores for $12.00 or so stateside. I haven’t seen this outside the states but if you do snap it up it’s awesome. It’s hypoallergenic, 100% vegetarian ingredients, no animal testing and EU Cosmetic Compliant.

Apparently they changed the “look” of the packaging. Hopefully they didn’t change the formulation.


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2 thoughts on “Favorite Things: Alba Botanica Kukui Nut Body Cream

    • Do it do it.

      I love this stuff and I’m still cross at my brother for not sending it to me. I don’t ask for much for some good lotion/cream/butter for the skin is essential to the melanin blessed.

      Check out the Pacifica Lip quencher too. Good stuff.

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