Favorite Things: Bahlsen – Deloba Redcurrant

As many of you know I love food. At one point I was training to be a chef and even now people see my love of food encourage me to do that, but I have no desire to put my knives to work in a professional kitchen. Nevertheless, I love food. I love learning about foods, cooking foods and the best part eating it, preferably with an appropriate beverage in hand.

Like most people I like snacks. I am not a huge snacker but when I do I like something complex. I abhor a mouthful of sugar or salt or a snack that is only one flavor note or worst yet one with a discernible artificial flavor (I’m looking at you vanillin).

My favorite snack in the sweet category hits the buttery, flaky, slightly sweet with a hit of tang note just right. I can eat a whole box in one sitting and have to resist the urge to gobble all the little morsels down like a starving child. It’s a German-made cookie/biscuit with fruit filling (Gebäck mit fruchtfüllung). My favorite filling is the red currant.

Bahlsen Deloba Red Current

Bahlsen Deloba Red Current

Deloba & Cafe

Deloba & Cafe

A few of these and a hot cup of tea makes the perfect snack for the morning, afternoon, evening anytime of the day or night really. I’m down to two cookies so I need to go hunt for more. I’ve made the box last almost a month with judicious rationing of one or two cookies at a time in addition to not sharing even a taste with my roommates. These are not easy to find, I bought them in Vienna and wish I had bought more. If anyone is coming to Barcelona bring me a box or 5 please, I’ll be forever grateful. If you know where I can get these in Barcelona even better.

What’s your favorite snack food? Do you hoard it or share with others.

Lady Littlefoot

2 thoughts on “Favorite Things: Bahlsen – Deloba Redcurrant

  1. My culinary skills are no match for Lady Littlefoot but I can hold my own in the kitchen. I don’t enjoy cooking like Annie because my little ones limit my desire for variety and exotic. Just like Annie I am a foodie. I will try anything once except termites and bat blood(Globe Trekker episode “Breakfast around the world”. Even I have my limits. I am not a dessert person because my dessert have to be the best ingredients, well made and decadent. But I do enjoy everyday snacks such as chocolate pecan cookies, walnut and cranberry tart, baklava, trini currant rolls and strawberry/rasberry lindt cookies. Yummmmmm

    • O_O “I will try anything once except termites and bat blood” really K? bat blood? Eeewww but you know if prepared right I’d try it once (probably while making a face).

      How come you haven’t made me this walnut cranberry tart? OMG Currant rolls!!! I haven’t had those in ages.

      So now I’m hungry. Bah!

      BTW … must you that other nickname out there for the world to see? 😛


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