Favorite Things: Jerusalem Arise! by Paul Wilbur

This album is beautiful. It’s recorded live with drums and strings and wind instruments. There’s a choir and praise dancers so you get great sound but also the participation of the congregation and it’s just awesome. It’s one of my favorite praise and worship albums, if not the favorite. There are songs of celebration, songs of praise and songs that take you to the heart of God. Some of the songs are sung in Hebrew which I absolutely love and adds something to the whole disk.

CD Cover Jerusalem Arise!

Today I was looking for a specific song from the album based on Psalm 121, “I lift up my eyes to hills, where does my help come from?” and stumbled on an hour-long video on YouTube of the album. My Sunday was complete!!!

Unfortunately I am not able to embed the video, well I can put the codes in but nothing shows up. This is the link to the video of Jerusalem Arise! which follows the track list of the compact disk.

The track list of Jerusalem Arise! is found here, and you can listen to samples as well.

Release information about the album, Jerusalem Arise!
Release Date: 09/17/2002
Tracks in Jerusalem Arise: Jerusalem Arise Overture, O Jah, Let God Arise, It Is Good, Roni Roni Bat Zion, Praise Adonai, Crowned With Many Crowns, The Shout of El Shaddai, We Have Overcome, Blessed Are You, Let The Weight Of Your Glory Fall, For Your Name Is Holy, Kadosh, Medley: Days Of Elijah/Kadosh (Reprise)

I know this isn’t a beauty item but it’s enriching to the spirits which often leads to a more beautiful outlook and demeanor.

Do you have a favorite album that is faith-based, that takes you into the presence of the divine?

Lady Littlefoot

One thought on “Favorite Things: Jerusalem Arise! by Paul Wilbur

  1. I am not really into albums. I haven’t found an album that I like in it’s entirety except for one. Circadium rythum. The group split up because they felt God was calling them for another purpose. However, there are some songs from Israel Houghton’s albums that strips away the cares of this world and brings you into the holy of holies. At least for me. New Season w/ Israel a New Breed. Tracks 8 and 9. Israel Alive in South Africa tracks 6, 7 and 8. OH OH and Total Praise featuring Richard Smallwood. Well my lists will go on and on and on.

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