Feliz Día de San Valentín: Ode to my girlfriends

Feliz Día de San Valentín or Happy Valentine’s Day. The Ancient Greeks had four separate words to describe love. Today is the day most often associated with Éros or romantic love, however I’d prefer to focus on Philia, which is friendship or affectionate love.

One of the things I have learned living in a foreign country far away from all things familiar and all the people I love and love me is how deep that love and regard for each other goes. The distance had led me to a deeper appreciation for my circle or friends and family, especially my girlfriends. My relationship with each woman is different and that difference adds much-needed color to the tapestry of my life. Their distance had showed me how much I relied on them to get out of my introvert bubble and meet new people and to sometimes socialize with those already in my life. And I thank them all for being my sister-friends.

I found this video whilst roaming ’round the ‘net that captures in song and image the relationship of one woman with her friends. It does not encompass all of my relations with my friends but it’s a door into our varied association.

Hugs and kisses to KCVoltron, DSmall, DelaMae, Ro, CinsofJoy, NesaGlobetrotter, JessieBoo, HuggyBear, Kirby-La

An oldie but goodie, my High School ladies will remember signing this one to each other.

Lady Littlefoot

Some of the ladies in my life (CinsofJoy I need a picture of us!!!)

2 thoughts on “Feliz Día de San Valentín: Ode to my girlfriends

  1. I struggled commenting to this post because to call Annie friend is an understatement. When I think of her there are several things that come to mind:
    Wind beneath my wings
    My soulmate
    My sister
    My best friend – The kind that is rare. She tells you the truth in love and boy does she love fiercely. She is discerning, wise, fun, loyal, and a treasure that you find and never ever sell, trade or lose.
    You can say anything, share anything without ever being embarrassed or ashamed.
    She isn’t critical or judgemental but will let you know her mind.
    Most important you can be yourself with her.
    Someone who sees the good, bad and the ugly and loves you anyway
    Even when she is going through a difficult time she will put aside or sacrifice her needs to help a friend or family member.
    In a crowd she makes you feel like there is no one else around; just the two of you. I can go on but I think you get the gist. I love you Annie and thank you for sharing your love and appreciation for your girlfriends and family. I know that I am not speaking for myself but share the same sentiment with many others. You are loved and appreciated. Keep writing sweetie. Happy Valentine Day.

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