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I’ve been contemplating a regular feature for my blog and I’ve finally arrived at an awesome idea; Friday Foodie Files. I am a foodie and a wannabe chef so it only seems natural that I include postings on food regularly. To kick things off I will start with the lovely food at had at Restaurant Saüc located inside Ohla Hotel in my beloved Barcelona. Restaurant Saüc has one Michelin star (for primer of Michelin stars see here). For a restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star, their food & service has to be of superior quality. Catalonia (the region of Spain where Barcelona is located) is known for its exceptional food and I wanted to have some Michelin starred food here but not pay the usual price (100€+) for dinner. Thankfully, Saüc offers a 5 course lunch menu for 37€. When I found that out I think I may have done a little praise dance.

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This was my second trip to Restaurant Saüc. On my first trip in April I went with two friends, Natalie (of Our Journey, His Purpose) and Ty. This second time around I took another visitor there. Adam of Travels of Adams (very catchy no?). I’m always on the look out for good restaurants to take visitors to and when I hear about the lunch special Saüc became my go to place for a nice meal. If you are Barcelona and are looking for something beyond the usual Paella, Patatas Bravas and Sangria you should visit Restaurant Saüc. It’s great for both those on and off a budget.

Now to the food. Both times my meal started with two fabulously presented amuse bouche.

Amuse bouche one was presented on as sticks in a stone. One each of a meaty yet grassy fresh young Italian green olive and a black olive gelee with sugar, a surprising taste combination of sweet and savory.

Amuse bouche two, presented on a spoon with a sorbet of white vermut with a granité of olive and a mackerel accent. Just the vermut is perfect but the other flavors plays well.

The avocado salad was a little piece of green heaven. It was a puree of avocado puree with razor clams, mussels & baby greens. Heaven!

Saüc Center Piece

Saüc Center Piece

This was followed by two plates. The first plate was a rissotoesque rice & mushroom mix topped with seared scallops. This dish had a rich, earthy, umami flavor. At its bare essence it was warm dirt and fresh sea.

The second plate was a choice of fish or meat. I had the meat which was a piece of roast with a twice cooked potato rectangle. It was very rich, too rich for me. It had a soft pink center and very tender, no knife needed to cut through. I am not a big meat-eater but I appreciated how well cooked it was even though the accompanying sauce was too rich for me.

Dessert was a dark chocolate fudgy cake with dried plums and hazelnuts running through severed with vanilla ice cream. The cake is delicious but extremely chocolatey so it needs to ice cream to temper it, which was very good but not enough for me. Coffee of course is included as it unlimited bottled water, choice of still or sparkling.

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All in all this was a fabulous meal and great dining experience. Adam says when he returns he’ll definitely be back to sample some more of this fabulous food.

Would you visit Restaurant Saüc and sample its delight.

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