All around me was grey. The morning was suffused with grey light that seemed to penetrate my skull and suffuse my grey matter with more grey.

Yesterday, my brain was clouded with so many things that I was certain that I was going to be have an inordinate amount to things to reflect and write about, but alas it wasn’t meant to be.

Every idea floated about like the cirrus clouds on a warm summer day. Just right at the edge of the consciousness and then puff gone never to return. I’d be in the middle of one task and thinking about the next and then I’d sit down and all those lovely thoughts became gossamer threads, ripped away and tossed to the floor.

South Florida’s mercurial weather was in lock step with my brain today. Cloudy and grey with sudden deluges that came and went as quick as lightning.

The dark clouds rolled and and took up residence and nothing I did helped to get my mind back on track to do they things I had planned for the day.

Ice cream cones and cups of tea did nothing to chase the grey away but one thought that came to was that “grey skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face.” Of course I went to YouTube to listen to “Put on a Happy Face” and the old music did make me smile and put on a happy face. I’m just hoping come tomorrow these grey clouds will be blown away by a fresh wind.

As I said in New Day, New Dawn I won’t beat myself up, I will just be satisfied with the small victories. I picked up the little cousin from school, and gave them back to the parent in once piece. And I found and booked a flight to NYC to take care of some business. I pray that the clouds will be less dense and  I will see more of the sky and will not have to just put on happy face.

What do you do when you are feeling rather grey?

Lady LittleFoot

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