Happy World Radio Day!

Today is World Radio Day.

According to the Bauer Media Group ‏@bauermedianews “radio is the single largest mass media globally reaching 6 billion people?”

I didn’t know that either but it is not surprising. Growing up in a little village in Guyana we had no television. I remember us having a TV set (the one with the knob) that was kept covered with a lace doily when not in use on which we watched videos, This happened infrequently.

World Radio Day 13 February 2013

BBC World Service Listeners have suggested moments that changed their lives which can be heard at the following link, Radio that changed lives

Some of my memories of the radio are as follows:

First childhood memory of the radio, was everyone gathering around to listen to the death announcements every Sunday night.

Second radio memory is, “Give us 22 minutes & we give you the world,” from the #1010WINS broadcast.

Third radio memory is moving to the US & receiving my own small radio & discovering different types of music.

Forth radio memory, recording from the radio & yelling at the DJ for talking over my songs.

What are you memories of listening to the radio?

Lady Littlefoot

I’m looking for links to the death announcements I remember and the 1010 wins jingle. Check back later for an update.

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