I don’t like this feeling anymore …

What feeling you may ask?

Logging onto my bank account and seeing a $35.15 balance just took the light out of me. Where did my money go?

Dealing with empty pockets

Well, after nearly 6 years I no longer get paid on the 1st and 15th and that takes some getting used to. I had gotten used to getting the coffers refilled on a regular basis and always being able to finance my adventures and outings and having to curtail that is seriously affecting my enjoyment of my temporary work free situation. I am thankful to be getting unemployment while no one nibbles at the offering of my resume. However,  due to a snafu I have gone nearly a month without that life line and it’s catching up to me. I don’t have major bills thanks to the generosity of my family but those that I do have still need to be paid. I’ve some credit cards that can be tapped but that is in dire need only situation. I worked hard to pay them off and I like seeing a 0 balance on the statement so those are not going to be touched. I’ve put aside some money but that is earmarked for graduate school. That chunk of change will not be touched unless there is a dire, emergency. Dire, like life and death.

This just means I am confined to the home and need to get creative about entertaining myself. Thank goodness for the internet and the entertainment offerings. I’m also living vicariously to all those people living out their adventures and planning my own.

While this not comfortable feeling lingers in my stomach, I would not let it take over my entire being. I will visit with friends in their home, have them over, and meet up free or low cost gatherings.

What do you all do when you are faced with a dwindling bank balance and loads of free time on your hand?

Lady Littlefoot

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