I miss my boots

I miss my boots. Now when I say boots I don’t mean the boots du jour that I see everywhere and covet.

Boots like these are lovely and I have a hankering for a pair but my budget says no. Stupid budget.

Riding Boots du Jour

The boots I’m missing are these. My beloved combat boots otherwise known as a Danner USMC Temperate Military Boot.

Danner Combat Boot

I miss the comfort and warm of my boots. When I completed my contract and left the military in January of this year, I didn’t think I would miss my boots but I do. They warm, supportive and comfortable. I could run if them if needed and I did. Where there was a chill in the air my tootsies aka toes stayed warm and limber. I used to bemoan the heel slippage I experienced because I wore wide width boots to accommodate my flexible toes but it did no favors to my comparatively narrow heel. I wish for those days.

While I was on active duty I rarely wore shoes even when not working. I lived in Southern California my last 3 years in the military which meant sandals and slippers. Most of high-heeled shoes were of the slip or strap on variety and if they were I drove a care there was no walking around in them for length periods.

Here in Barcelona it’s winter which just means cooler temperature and rain. But cold and wet requires closed toes and a full heel. My feet are in protest. I bought new shoes and I am still not used to them. I thought at first it was the size but I remember trying on the next size up and being able to slip a finger in the back. It’s not the size. It’s mostly that my feet miss the comfort and room found in a pair of boots which are always slightly bigger (at least they feel that one even though the size is smaller) to accommodate thick boot socks. I even miss the warmth of those socks.

Me in my uniform and aforementioned boots receiving something.

Have you made a change in your life yet miss one small thing from your old life?

Lady Littlefoot

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