Keep them separated

I’ve been avoiding writing this post for days and days and days. The old adage of religion and politics making strange bedfellows still hold true. They are one of the things that can divide families and drive countries to war. Jihad anyone? Yet, here I am on the day/night of the 2012 US Presidential Election diving into the fray.

First things first. Yes, I voted. Within weeks of arriving in Barcelona, I applied for my absentee ballot. Other Expats found it strange or poo pooed my diligence in apply and making sure I received my ballot. About 3 weeks later I had ballot in han and two days after that, after rereading it several times to make sure I didn’t mess it up, the completed ballot was signed and sealed and in the mail. I took a picture for posterity.

Rocking my Absentee Ballot from my balcony.

This election season has been tumultuous to say the least. I was astounded by the ignorance on display. I am a woman of faith, I have a relationship with Christ and some of the vileness being spewed by the “conservative” faction just broke my heart. The Jesus I serve, is a loving God. He supped with sinners, spoke to thieves and prostitutes, advocated for the downtrodden. The obscene amount of money spent on this race, 500 MILLION dollars and we don’t know for sure because of all the dark money floating around. I think of all the “entitlements” that could have been paid for with those sums and question people’s love for fellow man.

I am always intrigued by the right wing, conservative platform who care about the unborn fetus but have no love for their fellow man and would rather the downtrodden and destitute fend for themselves in dire circumstances. I am a registered Republican. Go ahead, pick your jaw up. Are you okay? Take a breath, lets move on. I’m a bit of an idealist, so in a perfect world we’d have a smaller government. I came from a culture of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps, and personal accountability, so when I gained my American citizenship and the right to vote, I registered with that party I thought best reflected my ideals. However, I see the times they are a-changin and I will need to make some changes too. I am not over pleased with the Democrats either so I haven’t made the change as yet and it really doesn’t matter I can still vote.

The thing is, our country is built upon separation of church and state so while my faith informs my decisions, it doesn’t mean I will vote for a candidate just because they say they are Christian too. The church cannot impose its belief on the state and likewise the state cannot impose on the church. So why would I impose my beliefs on others? I do believe in the sanctity of life but I don’t want the government making decisions about my body. God give us free will to believe and follow him or not and I’d appreciate the same latitude from my government.

We’ve got to keep it separated folks. But no matter what your believe, get off your duff and vote. Too many people bleed and died for us all to gain the right to vote. And too many people still bleed and die to get to the land of the free so their voice can be heard.

Lady Littlefoot

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  1. You know I wonder the same thing b/c some of the things I’ve heard coming from Christian conservatives lips sounds like things Pharisees would say. I keep wondering what Jesus they are they following, b/c I’ve studied in Jesus is a great bible study and he don’t look nothing like they things they speak of. But it seems some are still living ‘under the law’ instead of grace, that’s too bad. Grace is nicer.
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