Layover in Paris

Towards the end of 2010 I realized I hadn’t travelled outside the United States for the whole year and that did not make me happy, so I started planning for a trip in 2011 to coincide with my birthday. By planning I mean I decided how much I wanted to spend and realistically could afford to spend on my birthday trip and divided that by 12 months and put that amount into a separate savings account each month. I had to make some choices about how I spent my money. It meant less eating out and visits to the coffee shop and more cooking at home and making sure I had tea and coffee at work so I am not tempted to join in the mid morning or mid afternoon coffee break. Small things for sure but expensive coffee twice a week was approximate $32, that’s a decent dinner on holiday. So with my money accumulating I had to decide which place on my short list I was going to visit and Barcelona won out. A series of mishaps lead to a layover in Paris. If all my mishaps ends up like this one I will never complain about them. In just over 24 hours I saw Notre Dame Cathedral, walked along La Seine to La Tour Eiffel, which was a sight to behold at night, had a meal of brain, tongue and cheeks and ended the night under the twinkling Tour Eiffel. Oh lets not forget the crepes with Chantilly cream and chocolate sauce. HEAVEN

Hope you enjoy the pictures of my Paris layover.

Tell me about your favorite layover city.

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