Let start at the beginning

I started off the month with some horrible knowledge. Well horrible for me. It shouldn’t have been horrible as the mirror had been telling me the truth over the past year or so. My clothes have been on the truth-telling by not fitting the way they used to. Some things fit better, others sort of fit but whichever it is they haven’t been lying. I have just refused to really look at a scale since I wasn’t working out anymore.

I got on a scale at the end of March and had a minor shock. 123 pounds

Whaaaa …

I know some of you are like so what? I weighed that in 10th grade but dearies I am 4’10” (1.42M). By all means it is not big but if I was still on Active Duty I would be on notice to lose 5 pounds immediately. I am not so that is not a concern but the more than an inch I can pinch in my waist is definitely not making me happy. The noticeable widening of my backside, thickening of my thighs and increase in my bust have me ambivalent. Curves yeah! Clothes that are tighter and not in a good way, nay!

To combat the inches on waist, bust, hip, thighs (you get the picture) I’m taking some small steps. For the month of April I am doing to following:

Participating in the 30 Day Squat Challenge to firm up and whittle my broad Indian backside and thighs.

30 Day Squat Challenge

30 Day Squat Challenge

Mixing in some Ab Workouts to address the expanding middle and weak back.

40 Abdominal Exercises

40 Abdominal Exercises

And I am making a concentrated effort to include more fruits and vegetables into my diet Daily.

Veggie Haul

Veggie Haul

Fruit Haul

Fruit Haul

My goal is my Thailand 2009 Body. Tight, taut and 112lbs.

Under Umbrella Thailand '06

Under Umbrella Thailand ’06

To help with these goals I am participating in a private Facebook group and collaborating with some of my Tweeples (Twitter Peoples) using the hashtags #projectfit4life and #projectbikinibody. I think there is also #gymtime for the gym bunnies. Hats off to my Tweeples and fellow adventures @JQAbroad @Mochaprincessqt @zambezi40 @AntoiAntz (if I missed you I am sorry!)

What was the moment of reckoning to get you back to or into fitness and wellness? The outward inches and pounds are representative of me not making the best choices for my body, namely not to exercise as my diet hasn’t changed a substantive amount. The moment on the scale was the kick in the pants I needed to start making an effort.

What is yours?

Lady Littlefoot

7 thoughts on “Let start at the beginning

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  2. I’ve been motivated by you guys run to try to do half marathon for Beat the Bridge here in Seattle for American diabetes Assn. I always say I’m not motivated by way the last time I lost weight I was a byproduct of exercising b/c I wanted a healthy heart for my diabetes. Anything that makes my chronic illness worse that I can control I do. If I lose weight great, which I probably will but if I just did it for weight loss I’d get frustrated and quit. I wish you luck in your endeavor.
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  3. Sadly to say I haven’t been motivated to do anything. My annual cleanse has been delayed. My exercise routine does not exist. I really don’t have any motivation to lose the weight.

    • Don’t worry about the weight honey, worry about being healthy and running around after those two rambunctious kids (especially that dancing daughter) of yours. Start simple. You don’t need anything to do squats, I have done them in my pjs & starkers. You might want a mat to do abdominal exercises. Get the kids involved and they will remind you.

      But your health is what is most important.


  4. I’m also doing the squat challenge! Ugh! I just renewed my membership at Anytime Fitness. Gotta get my fitness on! Woot Woot!

    • Right now I am in pain and more parts of me keep twinging. Crazy did a 10K yesterday with no training. I ran/walked it and was surprised that I ran more than walked but chile I am hobbling and mincing like an old tired granny today.

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