Let the tears fall (part 2) then do something!

I realized something today.

I always choke back my tears when thinking about that day. I close my eyes, take a deep breath and convince myself that I shouldn’t be crying. No more. I will do so no longer repress the sorrow I feel when I see images of the towers enshrouded in thick smoke . I will no longer, pretend that, recollections and remembrances of that day do not make me want to curl up and bawl. For the lost lives, the lonely loved ones left behind, the innocence of a nation lost and the grief that remains. From today I will acknowledge the pain and I will let the tears fall and mourn our losses.

If you haven’t grieved for the losses we all suffered that September day, I urge you to do so.

One of the little things I will mourn is the lost opportunity to go to Windows on the World. My plan was to go have a drink (cause that’s what I could afford) and look over the skyline of the city, 6 days after Sept 11 on my birthday. I never got the chanceI never took the chance. So whereever you are, if there something you want to do or somewhere you want to go don’t wait for a big event or milestone to do it.

Do it right now. Today or Tomorrow. This week. This month. This year. Do not put it off because you don’t have the time. Make the time. Don’t wait until you get the money. Start saving or find out if there is a deal you can get.

Start with a small think like visiting museum you’ve always wanted to go to but work and life gets in the way, or the entrance fee is too much. Most museum have a free or low cost night and some throw in nibbles and wine. Swap baby sitting with another couple if you have kids and make it a date night (one week for you & partner, next week for them). Maybe you want to take a fantastic trip somewhere in the world but you can’t afford to right now, then start putting the cost of a small bottle of water away in a little bag every day. We think it’s too hard to do but accomplishing the things that are important to us may require some sacrifice somewhere. Don’t wait like I did to go for a simple drink and now I will never experience the 360 degree view from Windows on the World and sip a cocktail above the sparkling city because, well, I never took the time and the place no longer exists.

Do one thing today, this week or this month that you have always wanted to. You’ve nothing to lose but the chance to add to your memory banks and story to share with your loved ones.


2 thoughts on “Let the tears fall (part 2) then do something!

  1. Hi there, Mickla. I hope you’re well. I’m reaching out bc Rosetta of HBW shared in her post that you ladies connected in Barcelona. I am a HBW and will be in Europe for about 10 days in Oct… Italy then Barcelona. Do you live there? I’d love to communicate with you about Barcelona and also possibly connect. Please send a note to my email if you’d like to share about life in Spain. Thanks much. As your post conveys… Life is about living… and traveling is one of my favorite treats for self expression and discovery. Hope to hear back.

  2. You are speaking my own thoughts, my dear! Just today with the breaking news about the US Ambassador to Libya has me hyperventilating a bit. Do you know some of your Oorah Dogs were sent out there in response? Part of me wants to run far away from any kind of international position and part of me is mad enough to sign up for the foreign service exam for the THIRD time tonight! Just made some more calls tonight, and I will be going to PA to get people educated on Saturday. I Hope to find your way to join you soon! Stay safe, Love.

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