Organize: 2012 Monthly Review – August

I ended July on a high note after completing the 31 Day Reset and determined that August would also be a month of getting things done. I decided I wanted to feel excitement and accomplishment and I wanted the whole month to resonate with organization. For a review of How to Conduct a Monthly Review head over to Rosetta Thurman’s Happy Black Woman Blog. She has a lot of information on personal development that I refer to. I was able to meet Rosetta in person while she was on vacation in Europe but that is for next month.

Overview of August
August was definitely the month that required me to pull out all my organizational know how in preparation for moving from one continent to the next. I August I went though all of my papers, including emptying about 85% file box into the shred pile. Yes, I’m a bit of a pack rat / hoarder especially when it comes to papers. So, to empty that file box, keeping only what was necessary was a huge accomplishment for me. I also reviewed the contents of my closet for the second time in a year, and was able to let go of a few pieces that I do not fit into and am probably not going to fit into in the near future.

August Accomplishments
What was the biggest PERSONAL milestone I reached the last month in my relationships, health, finances, education and/or lifestyle?
Health wise August was a fabulous month. I went to the gym several times a week where the trainers tried to kill me, pushed me past my perceived limits. By mid August I had lost an inch and a half on my waist. It was a combination of lemon water, eating right and being tortured that did it. The scale did not change at all. In my finances I became even more deliberate in the spending choices I made. I asked myself do I need this item? Do I have something that would suffice and why am I buying something I will have to lug to Europe with me. The thought of being a pack mule is great incentive to leave things on the shelf. My biggest change was lifestyle. At the end of the month I got on a plan after much travel snafus (post to come) and landed in Barcelona, Espana!

What was the greatest PROFESSIONAL accomplishment (at work or in my business) that took place last month?
My lifestyle move also had a professional component. I moved at the end of August to start a TEFL course in the beginning of September. I also completed going through Rosetta’s online tutorial on Blogging leading me to purchase two domain names, one of which is my name to be used in future business ventures.

What was the MOST valuable lesson you learned last month?
The most valuable lesson I learned in August was to remain focused on your goals, big and small. Break down your tasks into manageable small hills and focus on that it you get so much more done rather than facing the large mountain of tasks.

Theme Word for August 2012
I chose ORGANIZE as my theme for August, to remind me what I needed to in order to be Europe bound with the less amount of stress. A few lists and conversation with friends and I did succeed in that. I also added excitement and accomplished as secondary themes to the month. I felt accomplished because I fulfilled my larger goal of being in Europe by the fall of 2012. I added excitement to remind myself to stay excited about what you are doing and don’t let the doubtful lizard brain rain on your parade. I moved to Barcelona, my favorite city. You can’t get more exciting than that!

Objective for September 2012
For September I have chosen an expression in Spanish to capture the over all feeling of this month. Mas lentamente means more slowly and I want to slow down and appreciate the day and the beauty in the world. September is filled with things to do: TEFL course to finish, an apartment to find and a job to get. Additionally, I want to take a weekend trip to another country to celebrate my birthday, figure out a posting schedule for my revamped, self hosted blog and jump-start my love life. With so much on my plate, I need to remind myself to take each day, mas lentamente.

What did you do with August month? Were you running around getting the kids ready to go back to school, hieing off to a last-minute summer vacation or did you sit on the porch/stoop/fire-escape or other chilling/liming spot to catch the breezes and enjoy the summer nights?

Share in the comments and if you blog leave us a link to check out.

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