Focus: 2012 Monthly Review – October

I sat down to write my post in NaBloPoMo (man that’s a mouthful) challenge and nothing came to mind. I took a gander at the list of prompts and todays’ is “If you could live anywhere, where would it be?” Well, if I could live anywhere it would be Barcelona and I’m already living here so that’s a bust! Then I remembered I have something to write about, my monthly review! I am go glad I started doing these because I can see the things accomplished, even when I feel like I haven’t done much and am wondering why am I so tired. So let’s get started. For a review on how I do these go check out my earlier posts on Monthly Review.

1. What did I do in personally and professionally in October?
+Secured 3 *paying* classes (Professional)
+Attended 2 teacher brainstorm sessions where I met awesome teachers & learned a lot (Professional)
+Also attended a teacher happy hour meeting more interesting people (Professional/Personal)
+Went to new attendee BBQ at International Church of Barcelona (ICB) (Personal)
+Took part is a ladies night event associated with the church (Personal)
+Found a language exchange and went to one meeting (Personal)
+Took my first intra Europe trip (Personal)
+A few outings with interested parties (alas the interest wasn’t returned) (Personal)
+Restarted the graduate school search, primarily focused on honing in on an area of scientific study (Professional)

All in all a good mix of the personal and professional.

2. What was the biggest personal milestone, professional accomplishment and most valuable lesson learned?
One of the things I am working on is slowing down and enjoying the journey and I that in October learning to move more slowly which felt really odd to me like I was not getting anything down. Then I made the above list and realize that I am doing and accomplishing a lot more than I am aware of and that my faith was not misplaced. Instead of rushing around to fill up a to do list and diligently cross everything off I’ve put my faith in God and the plans he has for me (even when I wasn’t certain of the plans). I have faith that I will find the right clients to teach, God would show me the direction to move in with regards to my future education and career. During October I became a little bit more obsessed with the processes (earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics etc.) that have contributed to the Earth being what it is today including way in which the earth’s climate has changed over the years and how humans are contributing to that change. What remains is to build upon the research I already have with regards to areas of concentration and schools using the knowledge I continue to build upon. God is definitely nudging me in the direction of my purpose. Small accomplishment in professional area. Biggest professional accomplishment for October was securing 5 hours of paid English instruction. I need more hours but nothing beats getting cash in hand for the work you do. Make no mistake teaching is work.

I got out and socialized with others. This is huge for me. Since I’ve arrived in Barcelona most of my time out and about has been spent exploring by myself. This is not a bad thing, one must be comfortable in and love your own company before you let others in, but I have a tendency to be a hermit or recluse and getting out and socializing with others reduces those tendencies. It was a variety of situations, teacher brainstorm, language exchange, ladies night with some of the young women from church, even the outings with interested parties got me out of my flat and around Barcelona. I wish there was more to say about the interested parties but beyond some engaging conversation I did not want to learn their secrets or to discover what makes them tick. There was no spark to start a fire and while I’d like to keep up an association with these gentlemen I haven’t mastered the art of the gentle kiss off yet. I realize that it’s okay not to engage with someone just because they are interested in me. I have my very short list of what I am looking for and what I like in a man. It’s okay to know what you want and stick to it. I was going to share my very short list of non negotiable but I’ve decided that is for me to know. Even with the nice to haves added on, there is no long scroll that I check off as I go. Just qualities that I am looking for and I need not convince myself to give someone a change if they are missing out on a big one. Additionally I felt like The Thirst was strong with these interested parties. That makes me want to run and hide away in my Hobbit Hole.

3. Identify a theme word for the previous month. A word that describes the month or capture the emotion.
October was filled with much laughter and light. I flitted around Barcelona like a bumble bee learning many new things about the city and meeting many new people. TASTE is how I would describe the month of October. I tasted of what the city had to offer in food and fun as well as people and places. I finished the month by taking a wee taste of Berlin as well.

4. Describe what you want to happen this month.
For November I know I need to focus. Focus on writing a blog a day. Focus on quickly preparing for my classes and not agonizing over them. Focus on spending less time futzing around the net on social media. That recovered time could be spent working out and losing these 6-8 pounds of blubber. FOCUS!

How was your October? Did you accomplish what you envisioned for your month? Which are you most proud of your personal milestones or professional accomplishments?

Lady Littlefoot

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