Mas Lento: 2012 Monthly Review – September

Another month is gone in 2012 and year’s end is fast approaching. Where has the time gone I wonder? It seems like a week ago I sat down to write the Monthly Review for August and here I am writing one for September. I guess time does fly when you are having fun as the old folks say. If you need a refresher on how to conduct a monthly review head over to the Happy Black Woman site.

In September I did a few things. I completed the Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL) course, found an apartment for the next year (hopefully), finished setting up this blog including transferring all the old posts from the other blog, celebrated my 35th (!!!) birthday, created a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and began job hunting and got some exploration of Barcelona and surrounding areas, including taking in the festivities of La Merce the annual end of summer days long festival.

Casellars building towers La Merce 2012

At the beginning of the month I decided the word for the month would me mas lento which means more slowly in Spanish (or near enough to that). From that list it would seem that I wasn’t successful but I know I was because I was aware of not filling my days, nights and weekends with extra things to do. In reviewing the activities of the month I’d say my biggest personal accomplishment wasn’t something tangible. As a new year approached for me I became more open to love or rather more open to accepting invitations from interested parties and not making excuses not to engage with them because they aren’t ‘my type.’ Though I must say great conversation does not make up for the lack of spark.

I also learned that God is a God of details so when you make your requests known before Him be specific. Be careful of your prayers are specific in what you for and what you say you’d accept. The first apartment that I saw and accepted didn’t work out (the owner wanted a bank statement but wouldn’t say why) so I had to start my search all over again. But now I had a better idea of what I wanted and was willing to live with and what was available in my budget. I also had less time to work with because a day after I finished my course I had to move as the next person was going to be moving in to start their course the following Monday. So I had a conversation with God telling him to make way for the perfect apartment. Being the American I am I wanted a double bed, but most of the rooms I saw had only singles. To get a bigger bed I might have to compromise on some things like being farther from the center of Barcelona. So I said “Lord, I’d really like a double bed but I’d be okay with a single.” Don’t you know that he took me at my word and provided an apartment with only one roommate, a good-sized room with a balcony, clean and reasonable sized bathroom and kitchen in a building with an elevator gorgeous old-time floors but a itty bitty bed. I had to laugh because he gave me everything I wanted (my own balcony!) and reminded me I said I’d be okay with the little bed. In the apartment hunting process God showed me what I wanted and reminded me it was okay to want certain things in the place I was living and I learned that when I make my requests known to God, the details are important. So learn the details and pray the details.

Professionally, I am now certified to teach English as a second/foreign language now to find work doing so. My apartment hunting lesson has taught me the devil is in the details and God wants us to pray the details so I am praying for clarity so I can pray the details about finding work.

September was a month of FAITH. Faith in myself, in God and in the goodness and decency of others. I needed lots of the last, as I am a little brown girl running around Barcelona with no knowledge of Catalan and basic knowledge of Spanish. I want October to be filled with light and laughter but more so I want to find work. I am about to lose my cushion of unemployment insurance (I am here and can’t make the appointment they scheduled for me) so I really need to start having a revenue stream. My pretty face will not pay the rent or buy a Metro ticket, so I need to be more FOCUSED on finding work. Work that will allow me to keep laughter and lightness way beyond the month of October.

How was your September? Were there any milestones you reached, goals set or accomplished or far away places visited? Share one thing (or more if you like) in the comment section.

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