New Day, New Dawn

A cold late winter Iraqi morning with the sun coming over the shipping containers, that is what you are looking at. So many clouds, that the sun is almost obscured. Almost, but not quite. The sun, that big fiery ball millions of miles away, that orders our days still manages to peak through the water drops suspended in the sky.

Al-Taqqadum Al-Anbar Iraq March 2007

Al-Taqqadum Al-Anbar Iraq March 2007

That was 5 years ago and I’ve been more places since and seen many other sun rises and sunsets, each more beautiful than the next. And this one still stays with me. We’d only been in country 2 months and the initial 30 days of madness was slowly dying down and we were getting into a routine. I walked to the chow hall every morning after working out. In the beginning, I always had my camera in addition to my M16 with 30 round magazine strapped to the butt stock (rules are rules). There were many beautiful skies over the Al Anbar province both night and day. The stars were so close and the moon and sun were big chunks of opal and citrine in the sky. But these sunrises, with the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds have always stayed with me.

And now I know why. 

It is to remind me that no matter how  many clouds may come my way there will always be a big ball of fire ready to burn them away. Now what that ball of fire is made of and where it will come come is a different story, one that I continue to ponder on and explore. But this is a new dawn and I will seize this new day and rather than make something grand, I will accomplish one small thing. Even, just this small recollection of a beautiful sunrise and what it means to me. 

Sun peaking through the clouds Al Taqqadum Al Anbar Iraq March 2007

Sun peaking through the clouds Al Taqqadum Al Anbar Iraq March 2007

Lady LittleFoot 
For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. ~ 2Tim 1:7

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