Once a Marine in Pictures

I decided since I couldn’t figure out how to have text, photos in the text and a gallery, that today’s post will be a gallery of the photos I wanted to include. The rules for NaBloPoMo says I’m allowed to have a photo blog, which makes me very happy today. However, I am not happy that the photos aren’t in the format I want. Enjoy!

Mom & Brother came to see me off on my first deployment.

Climbing into the back of the Troop Carrier with personal protection & weapon.

Between the wheels of a 25 ton crane.

Walking from the chow hall in Iraq. Yes it was dark & the stars were beautiful.

Celebrating the Marine Corps Birthday in Iraq 2007. We each were allowed 2 beers. I chose the 16oz cans of Guinness & took my time finishing them.

Celebrating the Marine Corps Birthday 2008 in San Diego. A far cry from the previous year. I wore high heels instead of combat boots.

My little cubby hole on USS Boxer 2009.

Abandon ship drill to familiarize everyone with location of their lifeboat & it’s leader.

Suited up with sun protection and hydration. It was hot on the flight deck!

Great view and private place on USS Boxer. Noisy though.

Off the coast of Kenya, with Keppers. We went no further than the pier for security reasons.

John the Baptist Church in Jordan in the background. It was hot & bright!

Never got to ride the elephant though one did tickle my ears.

WOG Day Aboard USS Boxer to become Shellbacks (mark that you have crossed the international date line)

Climbing Mount Diamond Head in Hawai’i (2d time) at end of deployment. Always beautiful.

The ladies of Sergeants Course (leadership course) 2010

Eyebrows (yes that’s the middle guys nickname) graduation from a leadership course. I include cause we look dead sexy!


Last CFT in USMC

I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into my life as a Marine. There is much that is not included but that is the nature of a snippet.

If you have questions or comments, please do leave them in the comment box (I’m side eyeing a few of you right now). Thanks!

Lady Littlefoot

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    • I am not that disciplined, that is why I chose to do #NaBloPoMo. I hope the exercise will get me accustomed to regular writing and that it will help me get on a schedule. It’s not too late to join.

      Alternative I came across a blog where the writer mentioned an exercise she did in school, where the students wrote for 10 minutes everyday. Eventually they moved up to 30. Perhaps you can do something similar and maybe one of those 10 minute exercises will end up as a blog post.


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