One thing I love about Barcelona

One of the things I love about Barcelona is the cafes. It seems like nearly every street has a cafe on it, so no matter where you go or what you are doing you can stop for a coffee and a snack. I always get a cafe con leche and either a montadito (bread with topping) or a tarta (usually tarta de manzana) or other pastry.

If I am in my flat and I get a hankering to sit at a cafe I can make myself a cup of tea or coffee and sit on the balcony and just look at the sky. If I’m lazy I can open the doors and just watch the sky from my bed. Maybe that’s two things I love about Barcelona.

Ah Barcelona, how I love you!

What is your favorite city and what is the one thing about that city that you enjoy a lot?

Lady Littlefoot

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